Azul’s pink Airbus A330neo is already complete in France


Yesterday, 5 November, Azul Linhas Aéreas received a new Airbus A330neo from the factory again, after more than a year. To this are added two other jets of the model parked in Toulouse, in the constructor’s yard, waiting for the “green light” of the Brazilian company to take off for Brazil.

One is the PR-ANV, the long-awaited pink Airbus A330neo. It will be the largest aircraft to display the colors of the October Pink campaign, the airline’s largest social banner, which aims to promote the culture of preventative exams and breast cancer care.

However, the surprise this week is that a first photo of him appeared with the engines installed and during testing before the first flight. So, we can expect, for the next few days, photos of the plane already flying through France. The image was sent to us by a source who asked to remain anonymous.

This is expected to be the last Airbus A330neo to be delivered to Azul, completing the order for five model aircraft. Its serial number is 1952 and it was built in October 2019. It has been without engines for months since, as it made no sense for the airline to receive it as its routes were cut off in the midst of the pandemic.

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