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AWS announces Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) and Amazon Managed Blockchain

SEATTLE – (FILO D & # 39; BUSINESS) – Today on AWS: Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), Amazon.com
company (NASDAQ: AMZN), has announced two new services to help companies
manage commercial transactions that require full audit capability. Amazon's QLDB
it is a transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifiable registry for
applications that require a central and reliable authority to provide a
permanent and complete registration of transactions (for example, supply
chain, financial, manufacturing, insurance and human resources). For customers who
you want to create applications where several parts can be performed
transactions without the need for a reliable central authority, Amazon
Managed Blockchain simplifies scalability creation and management
blockchain networks using the popular, open source Ethereum e
Hyperledger fabric structures. With a few clicks in the management of AWS
Consoles, customers can set up a blockchain network that can extend
multiple AWS accounts and scalability to support thousands of applications and
millions of transactions. For more information on Amazon QLDB, visit https://aws.amazon.com/qldb.
For more information on Amazon Managed Blockchain, visit: https://aws.amazon.com/managed-blockchain.

Amazon QLDB: transparent, immutable and cryptographically
verifiable verifiable database service (available in preview)

Customers who wish to implement blockchain technologies are typically
trying to accomplish one of two things. Some need a centralized ledger
that records all changes or transactions and keeps unchanging
recording of these changes (for example, tracking the movement of an object
through a supply chain network, tracing the credit history and
charges in bank transactions or validation of incidents filed against a
complaints to insurance). This ledger is owned by a single trustworthy entity and is
shared with any number of organizations that are working together. Do
this today, customers can use relational databases or can use the
ledger technology in one of the open source blockchain frameworks.
Neither solution is optimal. Relational databases are not designed for
immutable, cryptographically verifiable registry entries, then customers
must create custom audit tables and audit trails. And there's no way to do it
verify that no inadvertent data changes have been made. Using the
ledger in a blockchain framework can give customers an immutable story
of data changes, but comes at the cost of heavy lifting to set up to
full blockchain network with at least two nodes and the whole
associated access control configuration. Because there are limited
Application Programming Interfaces (API) database inside the blockchain
framework is difficult to create tables, indexes and query data.
Finally, blockchain frameworks are decentralized and require consensus
from members of the network before committing new transactions to
shared ledger, which significantly slows down the performance of the registry.

Amazon QLDB is a new class of database that provides transparency,
immutable and cryptographically verifiable record that customers can
use to create applications that act as a registration system, in which multiple
the parties are conducting transactions within a centralized and trusted entity. Amazon
QLDB eliminates the need to create complex control features in a
relational database or rely on the accounting features of a blockchain
structure. Amazon QLDB uses an immutable transactional registry, known as a
journal, which tracks every modification of application data and
maintains a complete and verifiable chronology of changes over time. All
transactions must comply with atomicity, coherence, and isolation
duration (ACID) to be recorded in the newspaper, which can not be deleted
or modified. All changes are chained cryptographically and verifiable in
a history that customers can analyze using familiar SQL queries. Amazon
QLDB has no server, so customers do not have to provide capacity either
configure read and write limits. They simply create a ledger, they define
the tables and Amazon QLDB will be automatically resized to support the application
requests and customers pay only for reading, writing and storing
use. And, unlike the books, mastering common blockchain schemes, Amazon
QLDB does not require distributed consent, so it can perform two a
three times more transactions at the same time than the common blockchain

"AWS teams have been using Amazon QLDB for years to keep a complete,
unchanging newspaper and only append of data changes. We started
trying to use relational databases to do it, but found them quickly
has not been able to resize or provide the performance needed to support more
widely used services, "said Shawn Bice, Vice President, Nonrelational
Database on AWS. "At the start of this year, when we started talking
we became aware of customers of what they needed from a blockchain solution
that the technology of the Amazon QLDB registers has met many of them
requirements. They wanted a central property ledger that provided a
immutable way to record the transaction history of their applications and
it was transparent to all the parts they were interacting with. So,
today we are offering an immutable, transparent and cryptographic value
verifiable logs, based on the same AWS teams have used
for years on a scale, as a fully managed service. "

Smaato, one of the leading online ad exchanges in the world, sees beyond
20 billion requests / day requests go through their exchange. "All
participants in online advertising and the real-time bidding market
the segments are interested in transparency during the entire life cycle
of an online ad auction, from the initial auction, to the winning bid,
and ultimately until the delivery of the final impression and who it is
actually demonstrated, "said Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato." Since we act as a
point of centralized trust in this value chain, we are really excited
on Amazon QLDB. Offers a scalable, unchangeable and
cryptographically verifiable registry that would allow us to maintain a
complete and verifiable registration of all our auctions. We do not see the hour
collaborate with AWS and the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database team a
bring more transparency to our ecosystem ".

Healthdirect Australia is a state-owned, government-owned, non-profit organization
organization that has helped Australians manage their health and
well-being for over a decade. "Healthdirect Australia operates in a
highly regulated industry and it is crucial that our compliance data
is correct and controllable, "said Bruce Haefele, General Manager,
Technology, Healthdirect Australia. "With Amazon QLDB we do not see the hour
have a complete and verifiable history of every change in our system,
simplifying the audit of when and how we arrived at our current state.
Regulatory compliance is a fact for healthcare companies and
Amazon QLDB allows us to easily track the controls we have in place and
understand how they have changed over time. "

Amazon Managed Blockchain: an easy way to create and manage scalable
blockchain networks (available in preview)

Other customers want the immutable and verifiable capacity provided by
a ledger, but they also want to allow multiple parties to make transactions,
execute contracts and share data without a reliable central authority.
For this, customers use blockchain structures like Ethereum e
Hyperledger fabric. But creating these pictures is difficult and time
consuming. Each member of an authorized network must provision
hardware, install software, create and manage access certificates
check and configure network settings. How to use a blockchain
The application grows, there is a lot of work in resizing
network, including monitoring resources on all nodes, adding or
removal of hardware and availability management of the entire network.
This complexity is the reason why many customers generally need help
expensive consultants to do blockchain jobs.

Amazon Managed Blockchain is a new fully managed blockchain service
this makes it easy and convenient to create and manage for customers
secure blockchain networks that can scale to support thousands of
applications that execute millions of transactions. Amazon managed Blockchain
supports two famous open source framework blockchain, Ethereum e
Hyperledger Fabric and setting up a blockchain network is as easy as a
a few clicks in the AWS Management Console. Customers simply choose their own
preferred framework, add network members and configure member nodes
that will process the transaction requests. He takes the Blockchain managed by Amazon
care of the rest, creating a blockchain network that can span multiple units
AWS account with multiple nodes per member and software configuration,
security and network settings. For an authorized network, Amazon
Managed Blockchain protects and manages blockchain network certificates
with AWS Key Management Service, eliminating the need for customers to
set up your own secure key storage.

Amazon Managed Blockchain contains a & # 39; voting API that allows the network
members to vote quickly to add or remove members. And, as an application
The use increases, customers can add more capacity to the blockchain network
with a simple API call. Amazon Managed Blockchain offers a range of
instances with different combinations of calculation and memory capacity a
give customers the ability to choose the right mix of resources for
their blockchain applications.

Unlike existing blockchain technologies that require personalized development
to extract blockchain network activity data, Amazon Managed Blockchain
simplifies replication of transactions on Amazon QLDB. This from
customers the opportunity to get advanced insights on how to optimize the
blockchain network by querying the history of changes in their network.

"Many of our customers want to create multi-part applications
can perform transactions without a central, reliable authority and them
also need to create a blockchain network. Build a scalable blockchain
the network with existing technologies is too difficult today, and that's it
because customers pay expensive consultants to help them, "Rahul said
Pathak, General Manager, Amazon Blockchain at AWS. "Amazon managed
Blockchain eliminates the mud involved in creating a network, adding
and member removal and resizing to meet application requests. Customers
can use Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric, the two most popular
blockchain framework and get a working blockchain network
with just a few clicks. "

The Guardian Life Insurance Company is a financial service e
insurance company whose offers include life insurance and disability insurance,
benefits for employees and dental insurance. "Given our extensive partner
ecosystem, we are exploring decentralization and unchanging monitoring
benefits of blockchain for potential applications in our insurance
business. We believe that blockchain can improve transparency and
efficiency for stakeholders in these networks to negotiate, while still
maintain an independently verifiable lineage of activity, "he said
Daniel Johnson, CTO and Head of Innovation, Guardian Life Insurance
Company. "However, blockchain paintings are complex and difficult to
operate. With Amazon Managed Blockchain, we can now easily create
Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks to test and learn without
to worry about the management of the underlying infrastructure, the network and
software configuration. We can not wait for you to arrive
integration with Amazon QLDB to allow easy analysis and security,
off-chain storage for our blockchain network business. "

"AWS has been a great partner on our journey to innovate in the field of
blockchain, and with Amazon Managed Blockchain, we can more
efficiently create a blockchain network and configure our member nodes
in a few minutes, "said Jon Ruggiero, Senior Vice President, Workday." AWS '
The use of Enhanced Hyperledger Fabric allows the blockchain network to be
even more robust, scalable and easier to manage. We are excited for what
we will be able to realize the number of members with this service
and transaction volumes grow. "

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) provides
industry-leading solutions that promote stability and certainty
global financial markets. "As a critical infrastructure of the financial market,
The industry relies on us to provide innovative solutions that reduce
risk, increase transparency and evolve with the market and regulation
needs, "said Rob Palatnick, Managing Director, Chief Technology
Architect, DTCC. "We believe that blockchain technology represents a
generational opportunity to re-imagine the post-commercial infrastructure. We are
nice to use Amazon Managed Blockchain to explore the possibilities
with Hyperledger Fabric, where we can continue to lead the industry
initiatives for the exploration and adoption of blockchains. Amazon
Managed Blockchain automates the distribution of the blockchain
infrastructure, ensuring high availability and durability
managed package, accelerating the adoption of the distributed ledger

Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company
which provides solutions based on data and analysis that reach
about 2,100 government bonds and commercial payments, 5,500
hospitals, 900.00 doctors and 33,000 pharmacies. "Change health care
is thrilled to be the first corporate health technology company to
test Amazon Blockchain managed, "says Aaron Symanski, chief
Technology manager, Change Healthcare. "In addition to support
Hyperledger Fabric, Amazon Managed Blockchain adds flexible storage and
peer management functionality that we believe can help increase the blockchain
infrastructure of our Intelligent Healthcare Network ™ and reach ours
goal of creating an increasingly coordinated, collaborative, and
efficient health system. "

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