Austrian Chancellor threatens second blockade: ‘No country in the world would allow its intensive care system to be overtaken’ – News source


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz threatened Monday to impose a second blockade, as a last resort, if the current increase in the number of cases of contamination with the new coronavirus continues, dpa reports, according to

The situation in hospitals will determine whether or not a new lockdown is imposed, Kurz said.

“No country in the world would allow its intensive care system to be outdated,” he added.

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The possible overload of the health system is a legal requirement for the imposition of a blockade in Austria.

A number of restrictions went into effect in Austria on Sunday to slow the spread of the coronavirus, including limiting the number of people who can attend private meetings to six indoors and 12 outdoors to 1,000 indoors and 1,500 in external in case of larger events. The number of public areas where the mask is mandatory has also increased.

On Saturday, health authorities in the country of 8.5 million people announced that the number of infections registered within 24 hours had risen to a record high of 3,614, reaching 79,770 the total number of contamination cases recorded since the start of the pandemic. On Saturday there were 1002 people in the hospital and 172 in the intensive care unit.

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