Australians can now pay all their bills with cryptocurrency


Exchange Crypto Cointree has partnered with the Gobbill automatic billing platform to allow Australians to pay all their invoices with cryptocurrency, regardless of whether the company accepts the digital currency or not. The two companies will compete with the popular Australian service Living Room of Satoshi.

"What we are seeing is, whether we like it or not, this will be part of our daily life, Gobbill has already allowed people to pay the bills from their cards or bank accounts, so they can now also pay in cryptocurrency", says the co-founder of Gobbill Shendon Ewans.

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"We have only launched in the last year, and we have a small number of users, but the partnership with Cointree and with Another partnership with MyProsperity will see more growth, "adds Ewans. "I traded, but not very successfully." That was Cointree's appeal, I'm a novice, and I'm surrounded by people at [FinTech co-working space] Stone and Chalk, who are profound cryptography specialists. "

Gobbill is an authorized representative of an Australian financial services license holder under ASIC. Cointree is licensed by AUSTRAC to meet anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing obligations.

Cointree launched in 2013, focusing on making it easy for the normal person to buy and sell Bitcoins. Today it has 60,000 registered users and has registered about 100 million transactions. The exchange allows users to exchange 40 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO and Litecoin.

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