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Atlas Protocol joins the IAB Tech Lab Blockchain working group

Atlas Protocol (ATP) has officially announced its entrying of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Technology Lab (IAB Tech Lab) and his Blockchain Working Group. It will work with Google, Amazon and others on the blockchain interactive advertising technology standards.

Atlas Team, the world's leading provider of blockchain advertising technology services, has successfully developed the Atlas Interactive Ads product platform. With the intention of building a new blockchain interactive advertising marketing infrastructure, this innovative product allows users to obtain symbolic incentives by participating in interactive chain advertising, and generates user profiles that can be targeted by on-chain data.

Joining the IAB Blockchain working group will promote the further development of Atlas protocol technology in order to meet global technical standards. Adherence to the Atlas Protocol in the Blockchain Working group will give him the opportunity to share native solutions based on the sector to others in the field of advertising.

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This will allow companies to use Atlas Interactive Ads products when the advertising industry makes technological and pivotal changes to the blockchain.

The IAB Tech Lab brings together innovators from different countries. All emphasize the company's ecology and strive to promote safe and secure development in the advertising world.

The IAB Tech Lab Blockchain working group is dedicated to the study of how blockchain can be used to tackle challenges in digital advertising space. It also works to develop standards and best practices for implementing blockchain technology.

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Atlas aims to promote the development of blockchain interactive advertising technology standards through collaboration with IAB Blockchain Working Group. This will allow the registration on a chain of more structured and semi-structured data, favoring greater data sharing and collaboration within the blockchain advertising field.

Atlas continues to discover and explore more data values ​​to provide advertisers with more competitive value-added advertising services and to further develop common blockchain advertising data standards.

The implementation of interactive advertising technology blockchain standards will help advertisers provide more complete solutions to achieve global business growth.

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