At least four dead after being hit by a pedestrian in Trier, Germany – Observer

At least four people died and 30 were injured after a driver hit a group of passers-by in a pedestrian zone in Trier, Germany. The mayor of Trier says there is a child among the victims.

The news was confirmed by the German authorities on social media.

The driver of the vehicle, a 51-year-old man, has already been arrested and is being questioned, but there is no information yet on what motivated the collision. The car is registered in the city of Trier.

Initial information reported two deaths, but around 5 pm the German press updated the figures to four deaths. among them a child, according to the local newspaper Trierischer Volksfreund. This information was confirmed by Wolfram Leibe, mayor of the municipality, who revealed in an interview with the German public broadcaster SWR that some of the 30 injured were in serious condition and that among the fatal victims there will be a child.

According to an eyewitness quoted by this local media, the vehicle would be a gray Range Rover traveling at high speed. Several people were passing in that area as the vehicle entered the curb. Trier, or Trier, is known as the oldest city in Germany and is traditionally very popular with tourists. The city is located in Trier, about 200 kilometers west of Frankfurt, near the border with Luxembourg.

The police of that city, which is located in western Germany, asked to avoid the city center, where several emergency vehicles were sent. The authorities have opened a security cordon that allows them to take care of the injured. Helicopters are flying over the area.

A video circulating on social media shows the vehicle involved in the impact of a pedestrian on the German boulevard and, alongside, the arrest of the driver by the authorities. Other images show the individual being taken to the police station and the traders replacing the terraces destroyed by the accident. Police demand that videos of the incident not be released, although they suggest that the same authorities will ask for images and photographs of the site for investigation.

Germany strengthened the safety of pedestrian zones in cities after a 2016 terrorist attack at a Berlin Christmas market that resulted in 12 deaths.

The Portuguese government expressed “its solidarity with the families of the victims of the attack that took place today in the city of Trier, in Germany”, reiterating its support for the people and the German authorities. Through the official Twitter page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Portuguese government expressed solidarity “with the families of the victims of the attack” which took place in the German city. “We hope that the injured will recover quickly and reiterate their support for the people and the German authorities,” says the same publication.

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