Asian Information Crypto & Blockchain Information Provider Coinness announces expansion into the United States Crowdfund Insider


Coinness, an information provider on Asian cryptocurrencies and blockchain, today announced that it is expanding into the United States, which the company claims to be home to over 20 million cryptocurrency investors.

Established in 2017, Coinness said it was dedicated to instant coverage including everything that happens in the world of cryptography and blockchain, as well as providing 24-hour commercial information and 24-hour intelligent market monitors 7 and price index in real time with professional insights and accuracy to the state of the art to an international audience, to make better informed the investment decisions encrypted.

Coinness also revealed that it has registered over three million users in over 150 countries. The company's CEO, Peter Tan, noted that this is the right time for him and his team to expand into the United States.

"We are responsible for competitive heterogeneity in the targeted markets," said Tan. "Our competitors provide one-dimensional information to English-speaking investors, while news aggregators present general information aimed at the masses, no one is there to compete with us in this persistent bear market, many of whom are bankrupt in bankruptcy and we are still attended by 180,000 active users daily. "

Coinness went on to add that it was created to help every investor get real-time market information, whether it's a ranking error or a pending encryption in the Russian parliament.

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