As Blockchain Team and projects in Florida have decreed the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin


On 3 January, Bitcoin fans all over the world commemorated 10th birthday of the world's first digital currency. Crypto investors in Florida have not been left behind.

There is no consensus on the "true" Bitcoin birth date. For some, the day the Bitcoin whitepaper was published represents the true birthday of the cryptocurrency. Others are firmly convinced that the extraction of the first block on Bitcoin blockchain it's the real birthday.

The first ever block on the Bitcoin network was extracted by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3, 2009. At the time, the difficulty of extraction was so simple that standard home computers would do the job.

During the ten years of its existence, the cryptocurrency has faced problems and has undergone considerable criticism. In fact, some people have foreseen its end in numerous cases. The currency has resisted the storm and has firmly established itself as a viable alternative to fiat money.

Despite the conflicting positions regarding Bitcoin, encryption enthusiasts from all over the world gathered to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the currency. In Floridathere were two important events, one in Miami and another in Tampa. The Miami party featured an Argentine barbecue and even presented a birthday cake.

The highlight of the Tampa event was the presence of Luke-jr, a leading Bitcoin developer. The occasion began with a brief overview of the state of Bitcoin. Later, the participants were treated for a party with a reception.

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