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As a project he is fighting fake ICO reviews using artificial intelligence and blockchain

On October 24th, Revain, a customer review collection service, released a full-scale version 1.0 of its Ethereum-based platform. As reported by the project team at Cointelegraph, version 1.0 is completely based on blockchain, containing a system of verification and artificial intelligence (AI), among many of its other new features. "Users can see all the reviews written in the blockchain on a special page," reads the official press release.

The Revain platform was launched to change the customer feedback process through blockchain technology. The service is aimed at helping new projects and startups to get feedback from users. Specifically, the platform was designed for companies that have completed the crowdfunding or ICO campaign.

Dashboard refining

The basic element of the Revain platform is its Dashboard, which allows startup teams to communicate with users and reward them for high quality reviews. "We've been actively working on creating Dashboards – there were ten releases: versions from 0.1 to 1.0 with a number of new features added," the Revain team told Cointelegraph.

According to the previous Revain press release, the Dashboard could be useful for companies in various ways. First, responding to specific reviews is a great tool for managing negative reviews and encouraging positive reviews. Secondly, because the Revain team assures its users, a large number of quality reviews on one company will make it stand out among others in a very positive way.

Revain uses artificial intelligence to monitor the quality of reviews, without involving third parties. The IA moderation system will be able to take into account the tone of the reviews and filter them based on certain parameters, such as emotions, language style and social trends. "Revain AI endorses low-quality reviews and ensures quality ones can benefit from rewards", reads the company's press release.

Users should benefit from reviews written on the Revain platform. In order to motivate authors to write reviews, companies can reward users with internal tokens called RVNs.

Recue recently introduced its first premium service for blockchain projects and cryptographic exchanges that are designed to help them improve their reputation and perception among the crypto community. A premium subscription was the main part of the latest v0.9 version of Dashboard. In addition to the premium subscription, Revain has completely redesigned free e-mail and added the ability to share a specific review.

Because of the blockchain technology – and in particular the Ethereum platform – all reviews can not be canceled or changed, says the company's website. So far, the platform covers some types of reviews: ICO, cryptographic exchanges, e-commerce, as well as FMCG companies and services. In addition to these, the company plans to add other sectors later.

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