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Arrested the taxi driver who moved Venezuelan after killing designer in Peru

Arrested the taxi driver who moved Venezuelan after killing designer in Peru

Agencies / A. Bracho

A famous fashion designer from the Trujillo region of Peru was killed by eight stab wounds inside his spa allegedly by a Venezuelan identified as 20-year-old Anderson Aron Morales Sánchez.

According to the journalistic version of Peru, the designer has responded to the name of Andree David Ycaza Lira, who was known as "The Stylist of the Stars" originally from Lima, but with more than 20 years of residence in the province of Trujillo, Peru.

The killer was identified because he was registered in security cameras when he stole items in Ycaza's spa, taking advantage of the fact that the victim was sleeping and then he took a knife and stabbed him several times to kill him .

The stylist tried to defend himself but in the video camera he is observed when they hold him by the neck and stab him again until he is lifeless.

"After the macabre event, the killer stays in the room for a long time to look at Andree's body from every angle, thinks a lot, moves from one place to another inside the room until he decides to leave with a few things, "they reported. Peruvian police authorities.

Once in the street he took a taxi and fled; however, a few minutes later he returns to the taxi again and takes more things from the designer's house.

When he leaves, he looks at the security camera, shows the face to the camera, crosses and goes back to another taxi. This is how the Peruvian police managed to identify the killer whose photo is already circulating on social networks.

The young Venezuelan is wanted by regions near the place where the event occurred, but assumes he has escaped to another province.

Some health workers were the ones who, having arrived at their workplace, found the stylist's body and immediately informed their relatives and the police.

In the El Golf urbanization, where the event occurred, their families have declared. A designer's brother, identified as Walter Ycaza, told reporters that he only asks for justice for his brother's death.

"I did not know him (the killer), but I just asked him to help him find him," he asked.

The Peruvian police also said that the doors of the spa were not violated, which suggests that Morales had access to the designer's establishment, in fact they also confirmed that they knew each other because there is a picture of the two together in a pool which is in the victim's Facebook account.

So far, the national police of Peru have identified the taxi driver who mobilized the designer and was arrested to reveal the place where he left the Venezuelan nationality.

Police sources reported that the video from the exterior security cameras of the building allowed to obtain the license plate that brought the assassin from the scene to the corner of Av. Prolongación César Vallejo, where there is a well-known shopping center.

The body of the "Stylist of the stars" will be buried in Lima, the city from which it comes.

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