Arrested Romanian Bitcoin Exchange CEO Helped Launder Stolen Funds


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According to a Cluj, Romania-based newspaper, the case of the bitcoins exchange executive Vlad Nistor is much more than the simple illegal operation of a cryptocurrency firm. Vlad Nistor: The most recent report on the case of Vlad Nistor.

More Details Emerges in Bitcoin Exchange CoinFlux CEO's Arrest

United States soil between 2014 and 2015 when CoinFlux was just getting started. A total of 14 Romanians have been shown to be in the United States.

He is said to have been the active cyber criminals via Telegram and helped them through the proceeds of their illegal activity. They appear to be a number of phishing attacks on US soil.

From the report (roughly translated):

"Two of these methods were run online via phishing or through various fictitious sale ads (via eBay or through online platforms). For example, Romanians were sending e-mails using instant messaging programs or telephone numbers where the user is required to receive certain data. A web address containing a clone of the site of a financial or trading institution was indicated in the e-mail. "

After the funds have been used, the criminals would use the newly created CoinFlux exchange to wash funds through the various crypto methods. This is not a case that we would like to ask you. Provided they know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering regulations, they are usually free of responsibility.

However, in the case of Vlad Nistor, according to allegations, he actually advised the phishers on how to dispose of their proceeds using his crypto exchange.

Nistor Extradition Delayed, Others Involved in Progress

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Vlad Nistor is CEO of CoinFlux, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange.

The most recent reporting from the Cluj newspaper indicates that the court has given NIST and his lawyers until Dec. 20 to make arguments as to why he should not be extradited. "Free on bond", "he is currently banned from using bitcoins or any other sort of digital currencies for any reason and must report to the court if they request his presence at any time.

Popescu Bogdan-Ştefan, Dobrică Alin-Ionut and Arvat Florin. In the view of the Cluj reporter, the only difference between their actions and Vlad Nistor is that they carried out their illegal activities directly on the US soil. The work of Nistor's attorneys and the government of Romania

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