Arrest of the opposition leader in Armenia


No.After the controversial ceasefire with Azerbaijan in Armenia, Armenian opposition leader Artur Vanetsyan was arrested for alleged killings and coup plans against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. According to his lawyers, Vanetsyan was summoned to the security forces headquarters and detained on Saturday. The lawyers described the arrest of the opposition leader and former intelligence chief as the “persecution” of political opponents and denied the charge of planning the killing of the prime minister and the seizure of power.

In addition to the arrest of Vanetsyan, the Armenian security forces have announced the arrest of another suspect “with anti-government views”. A vast arsenal of weapons had been found here. In consultation with anti-government politicians and their supporters, the man had planned an assassination attempt on a public figure with the aim of seizing power. Ten opposition politicians who had mobilized against Pashinyan were arrested on Thursday. The allegations concerned “the organization of mass unrest”.

Pashinyan does not want to free the seats

Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed on a truce in Nagorny Karabakh on Tuesday after six weeks of heavy fighting under Russian mediation. The agreement provides that Baku can retain the territories conquered in the war that belong to Azerbaijan under international law. Furthermore, Armenia is losing other occupied territories on the border with Nagornyj Karabakh that Azerbaijan has not yet regained. Nearly two thousand soldiers of a Russian peacekeeping force must ensure compliance with the armistice. In Armenia the agreement aroused great indignation and protests against Pashinyan, denounced as a “traitor”, have been repeated for days. Last week, thousands of protesters had called for his resignation; he had let slip an ultimatum from the opposition.

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Meanwhile, Azerbaijan has granted Armenia an extension of time to withdraw from one of the regions bordering Nagornyj Karabakh. Instead of what was originally planned for Sunday, Armenia will not have to hand over the area until November 25, the Baku presidential office said. Armenia justified the delay with the fact that only one road could be used for the withdrawal. Earlier, there were reports that the Armenians left their homes before Azerbaijani troops approached, and some of them were set on fire. Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that 200 people had returned to Nagornyj Karabach’s “capital”, Stepanakert, after the fighting ended.


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