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Arrest in the United States: Trump strips Davos's trip to the US delegation

The arrest dispute has further consequences: the president of the United States has now banned several trips. No US delegation will go to the World Economic Forum – it has also canceled a trip to the maximum Democratic Pelosi.

US President Donald Trump has canceled a planned trip by the US delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos in the budget dispute. He had taken into consideration 800,000 federal employees who would not be paid due to closure, government spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Also future trips on ice

Even future journeys of Congressmen would be frozen until a solution is found in the budget dispute. Just recently Trump had canceled his participation in the World Economic Forum next week.

The partial administrative arrest, now the longest in US history, dates back to a budgetary dispute between Trump and the Democrats. Now in the House of Representatives, the party rejects its request to provide $ 5.7 billion for its prestigious wall project on the Mexican border. In turn he refuses to sign a budget law that does not reflect his desire.

The result: there is no money for a number of federal authorities and therefore for hundreds of thousands of federal employees. The latest announcements mark a new episode in the dispute that MPs and government officials must travel until part of the administration is paralyzed.

Even the Pelosi trips canceled

It was not until Thursday that Trump hindered an imminent trip from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Afghanistan and Brussels: he unreasonably denied a military machine to her and other participating MPs. His release was a "PR event" and will be rewarded after the partial closure of the government, the president wrote to Pelosi. "Of course, if you want to start your journey on a commercial flight, this is your privilege."

For security reasons, Pelosi would complete such a journey in a military machine built by the Pentagon. An official from the Defense Department confirmed that he had requested assistance and had first given the go-ahead. But the president has the authority to reject the use of a military aircraft, the spokesman said.

A rematch?

Trump's decision serves as a rematch for Pelosi's suggestion of the previous day to postpone a scheduled speech to Congress or just a written statement. Pelosi had cited "security concerns" for the January 29 speech: the service of the President's Secret Service and the National Security Department had not been paid for nearly four weeks. The White House denied that the cancellation of the trip was a measure of retaliation.

A spokesperson Pelosis accused Trump of misinterpreting the character of the trip. The trip should not have lasted a week, but a weekend. A visit to Egypt has not been planned. And a stop in Brussels is necessary to allow the pilot to take a break.

The Tagesschau reported on this topic at 4:55 am on January 18, 2019.

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