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Arrest in America: Trump hands over the Democrats

More than four weeks after the closure of the United States, the republican-democratic dispute intensified again. Trump cursed Pelosi and accused her of being "a radical Democrat".

US President Donald Trump insulted Twitter on Twitter to President of the Democratic Chamber Nancy Pelosi. In a series of tweets, he accused them and other Democrats of putting politics above the security of the country. Previously, Pelosi had rejected Trump's proposals to end the closure.

Pelosi "behaved in such an irrational way and went so far to the left that she officially became a radical Democrat," Trump wrote without further proof. He should clean the polluted streets in San Francisco. The city belongs to the constituency of Pelosi.

The arrest is in the fifth week. Hundreds of thousands of state employees receive no salary.

Resolution of the blockade of the promised government

Vice President Mike Pence defined the decision as "disappointing" Pelosis. However, in an interview with Fox News, he was optimistic that the plan could gain ground after Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell took him to the Senate on Tuesday.

Protect against deportation for three years

Trump had promised a three-year extension of temporary protection for those who had been illegally brought to the United States or escaped from child disaster areas to end the partial closure of the government. In return, he continued to demand $ 5.7 billion for a wall bordering Mexico.

However, Trump itself announced in September 2017 the end of the so-called Daca program to protect these migrants, who often do not have links with their country of origin.

The federal courts have thwarted Trump's case, the case is pending before the Supreme Court. Even 300,000 migrants, who have been granted temporary protection status in the United States, should not be deported for three years, according to Trump's proposal.

This is not enough for Democrats. They asked for a lasting solution for both groups.

On January 20, 2019 MDR Aktuell reported on this topic at 6:05 am and the Tagesschau at 8:55 am.

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