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Arreaza has blamed Lenín Moreno for the safety of Venezuelans

21 January 2019 07:17
Updated January 21, 2019 at 19:32

The Venezuelan government today expressed its rejection of the xenophobia acts that took place on Sunday against Venezuelan migrants in Ecuador and accused President Lenin Moreno of "any infringement against the physical, moral and civil integrity of Venezuelans who find in that country ". .

In a statement by the Foreign Ministry, read by Jorge Arreaza, Moreno's response has been described as unforgivable and irresponsible, which, according to Venezuela, aims to establish an "unusual correlation between violence against women in Ecuador and citizens of Venezuelan nationality ".

Moreno reacted this Sunday to the femicide of an Ecuadorian woman by a Venezuelan aggressor and assured that his country has "opened the door to migration from Venezuela, but will not sacrifice the safety of anyone".

After the crime, dozens of citizens took to the streets of Ibarra, capital of the province of Imbabura and, according to some witnesses cited by local media, went to places where Venezuelan migrants are known to spend the night.

"President Moreno's statement has instigated a spiral of xenophobic violence against the Venezuelan migrants community in Ecuador and it is his duty to preserve the integrity and life of Venezuelans in that country," reads the text read by Arreaza .

Likewise, the Venezuelan government reiterated that Moreno is "in the obligation to know that nationality is not a criminalization criterion" and that it is his government's responsibility "to reproduce violent crimes such as femicide, which has only reached 2018 the sore figure of 88 women murdered in Ecuador ".

He also denounced and rejected Ecuador's decision to create "brigades to control the Venezuelan legal situation" based on the fact that it is "a generalized attack" by which the Venezuelan state "reserves the right to contact to the competent international bodies "to establish responsibilities.

Venezuelan associations in Ecuador have asked the population not to generalize, to avoid carrying out acts of reprisal, as well as to mitigate social networks, and the authorities have requested special protection.

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