Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator with photos from the hospital – son with words of warning


Actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in hospital. For the second time in two years he had to undergo a heart operation.

  • Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger he had to enter Hospital.
  • For the second time it was already on Heart operated.
  • His Fan and its children I’m big Worry about the terminator.

Cleveland / Ohio – If you see it, you get the impression that nothing can sweep it away: Hollywood actor is Muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger bursts with 73 years old still ahead Kraft, power is masculinity. But now he has answered Former governor of California on his InstagramAccount with a Photo from Hospital. He is lying in a hospital bed surrounded by equipment, with tubes attached to his neck and hands. For the second time in two years he must have had one HZ-UP suffer.

Concern for Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator with photos from the hospital

But Schwarzenegger probably wouldn’t be Terminatorif he couldn’t bear this fate too. He had to undergo heart surgery already in 2018. Despite another operation, he smiles at the camera and raises his thumb: “It’s okay” is what he obviously means. “Thanks to the team of Cleaveland Clinic“, He writes under the photo. Next to him, on the bed, is a red plush heart from the clinic. It reads “Quick Restore”. With his greeting from the hospital bed he also gives the green light and reassures his fans, to whom he launched an urgent appeal to crown on Instagram in March.

“I have a new one Aortic valvethe one to my new Pulmonary valve from my last operation it adapts ”, the former fitter reports about his new“ spare parts warehouse ”. He obviously doesn’t seem to have lost his sense of humor yet. As several photos show, he is already on his feet again. “I feel great and I’ve already walked the streets of Cleveland, ”he says, thanking the doctors and nurses.

Concern for Arnold Schwarzenegger: his children send him well-being wishes

Of course, his fans still care about him and send him Get wishes. “Nothing can kill the Terminator”, “Get well soon, legend” and “Take care of yourself” can be read in the comments. His too children Don’t let it take you and press yours Concern below the photo. “Please don’t train today“Be warned Son Patrick (27), of 1.4 million Follower on the social media platform. Three hearts of Daughter Katherine (30) get over 2500 likes from Schwarzenegger fans. “I love you dad! Can you train your back muscles again ???” asks his youngest Son Joseph Baena (23) the tireless father. With so much encouragement, the Terminator can only recover quickly. (jbr)

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