Argyle Coin becomes the first cryptocurrency that must ever be backed by a performance Bond and fancy colored diamonds


It will also be the world's first cryptocurrency designed specifically to execute smart contracts for efficient online trading of fancy colored diamonds.

Following the recent announcement of its blockchain and token (RGL), Argyle Coin has now emerged as the first cryptocurrency in the world that fully supports investors with a bond as well as fanciful colored diamonds worth as much as $ 25,000,000. The goal of this platform is to create an efficient online market for financing, exchanging and paying valuable diamonds, leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Diamonds have always been extremely popular among the richest investors in the world. However, the industry suffered due to the lack of a global currency capable of facilitating these multi-million dollar international transactions at the desired speed.

Argyle Coin is ready to overcome this limitation of the industry with its online integrated market blockchain with a proprietary portfolio, a currency exchange and a multilateral funding structure.

Argyle Coin also has the distinction of being the first cryptocurrency to be designed specifically for the purpose of facilitating smart contracts for superfast online trading of colored diamonds. In addition to normal purchases and sales, these clever contracts will pave the way for the fractional ownership of the most expensive fancy colored diamonds.

This will undoubtedly expand the global diamond market with the inclusion of interested retail investors and collectors who are unable to afford a multi-million dollar diamond.

Argyle Coin's RGL token stands out from its rivals by claiming the value of its tokens with something tangible, fancy colored diamonds worth millions of dollars. To be precise, $ 25 M purchased by principals and 60% from ICO funds in fancy colored diamonds will be held by Malca-Amit's, a leader in deposit administration.

Retention and access to these diamonds will be verified by an independent auditor who will publish a semi-annual access report and an annual insurance declaration.

In the near future, Argyle Coin plans to create the company's coin exchange to ensure convenient and secure online access to RGL tokens for customers. Users will also have their digital portfolios to interface with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

By constructing a complete trading infrastructure, Argyle Coin is seeking to offer a robust and always available global trading market for fancy colored diamonds.

Based on the Ethereum network, the Argyle Coin token (RGL) is ERC-20 certified and uses a new blocker based on Ethereum Code to develop smart contracts. To provide the initial inventory for smart contracts, Argyle Coin has recently joined renowned diamond color traders such as H. Siegel Fine Auctions, Rare Colored Diamonds and many others.

Argyle Coin Corp was born from an idea of ​​Jose Aman, an international financier with over twenty-five years of experience in the diamond industry. It was introduced in the crypto currency in 2013 by its current Chief Information Officer Anthony Eusebio.

Argyle Coin arises from the need of Jose to increase the e-commerce footprint of the diamond and vision industry to offer a stable cryptocurrency based on fancy colored diamonds.

Expressing optimism about the future of Argyle Coin, Jose said,

"I see a future with Argyle Coin thriving as an e-commerce token used online and in the real world not just for diamonds, but for every possible scenario where monitoring, commitment, investment, buying and selling will be done efficiently. "

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About Argyle Coin [19659019] Argyle Coin is the first cryptocurrency that offers the public the opportunity to buy and invest directly in the growing market of colored diamonds. The company is creating a new platform to buy and sell fancy colored diamonds through a safe, effective and fast system. It is an end-to-end solution with its own token and diamond verification, negotiation and tracking systems.

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