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Are women underrepresented in the blockchain?

According to the latest report, the industries of cryptocurrency and blockchain are dominated by men. A report published this month analyzed the most recent 100 blockchain startups and found interesting insights. It has been revealed that the industry employs more men than women, thus showing a gender division in the industry.

LongHash is a blockchain data and media company. He published a report on the consideration of the top 100 blockchain startups and analyzed the number of female employees employed at executive level and those working at council level.

Of the 1062 employees, it was found that only 14.5% of them were women. Furthermore, only 7% of blockchain startup executives were women and consultants were 8%.

As is evident, women were the least in the top management category, so that 78 out of 100 startups had no female managers. Furthermore, only one startup had more than one woman responsible for the executive role.

Reason behind

The poor female population in the blockchain industry could be due to various factors and the market supply is one of them. According to a survey conducted in 2017, women make up only 11% of the developer workforce.

However, different people have different opinions on the subject. The former head of JPMorgan Chase's blockchain, Amber Baldet, said women are not marginalized in the blockchain.

Instead, "Women are not publicly recognized for their work.

Henry Ward, the charter managing director, told CNBC that for most young companies, diversity is not the initial goal, but staying alive is.

Well, whatever the reason why fewer women are in the blockchain industry than men, it is important for the industry to consider the imbalance as the problem.

To address this situation, the right steps must be taken in the right direction to encourage more women to enter the sector.

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