Are the troubles of Ethereum (ETH) just starting?


They are a cryptocurrency bull of Ethereum blockchain and Ether (ETH). However, we sold a losing position in ETH today after previously believing that $ 250 presented a great buy-in opportunity. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and when we look at where ETH started, not so long ago at $ 9, there is reason to believe that the price may continue to fall in the immediate future.

In particular, the entire cryptography market has been in turmoil with the 2018 mostly a bear market since the beginning. And while the most recent round of chaos caused by the Bitcoin Cash fork It seems to have a clear path, what really concerns me in the immediate future for Ether is the regulatory crackdown and the awareness that most of the projects funded and operating on the Ethereum blockchain are really useless. CCN recently published a story that shows how the ICO guiding projects have almost nothing to show after collecting $ 30 billion. This is partly the result of a rapid depreciation of encryption prices in which $ 30 billion collected are more likely to be the equivalent of $ 5 billion today.

Nonetheless, Ether does not have the charm of Bitcoin when it comes to purchases, and if the ICO party is really over, then it clearly does not bode well for the Ethereum or ETH blockchain.

Another factor that I recently considered is the rotation of the capital in Ether. It could be argued that the owners of Ether before the ICO boom were true believers in the network and decentralization, individuals willing to invest their earnings in other projects based on the Ethereum project to effectively maintain Ether in the network and move to create value and bring awareness . Unfortunately, projects that received that Ether did not share similar beliefs, cashing in their Ether in exchange for money or simply failing.

That said, I think Ether will stand the test of time and that many projects will rise from the ashes to become legitimate forces in the technology sector. But rest assured, this is the Dotcom 2.0 bubble and Ether is the "Web". It's still a big long-term investment, but I'm not sure how much it could go down in the short term and that uncertainty is terrifying to consider.

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