Are the ICO crashing on Ethereum? Crypto News Weekly: 17/08/18


Everyone talks about Ico downloading Ether for fiat and killing the market, Bitmain looks at the IPO, Playboy sues the blockchain contractor and Bitcoin Cash saved by the Bitcoin developer.


The Czech hacker offered $ 17 million for the hard disk

A Czech hacker who had his hard drive confiscated by the police in the investigation for fraud, would have offered a policeman a bribe from 17 millions of dollars to remove the hard disk that, hidden in the encrypted data, contained 3200 Bitcoins. The offer was made through an intermediary, but everything went wrong when the police officer in question reported the matter and Peter Krzystka has now attempted to bribe added to his upcoming list of charges.

Bitcoin money saved by competitor Bitcoin developer

As everyone is aware, there was a bitter rivalry between the original Bitcoin and its fork driven by Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, which usually led to many bad smear pressures between the aforementioned parties.

Core-core developer Cory Fields said he found a critical security flaw in the BCH code in April and privately and discreetly reported, allowing it to be quietly patched that if it could not lead to a complete currency devaluation .

Playboy sues Blockchain for limp performance

Playboy sued Global Blockchain Technologies for breach of contract. After going to ICO in February and claiming $ 22 million from investors for the new VIT token that would allow subscribers to anonymously pay premium services, the company is suing its partner. The case is based on statements that have never provided the opportunity to incorporate the token into their sites and have never repaid $ 4 million. Investors should ask themselves at this stage the wisdom of investing in an ICO that now seems to sink into legal battles without providing any returns.

From its initial version, the token has devalued less than a quarter of its initial market price

Bitmain is preparing for the possible $ 3 billion IPO

The Chinese world leader of cryptocurrency chips is preparing for a possible IPO in September, which could exceed $ 3 billion with a listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

One of the most profitable assets related to the crypt was also reported for over $ 500 million of Bitcoin Cash and $ 132 million of Bitcoins, and an IPO would allow them to raise funds without crashing into the market. This would allow them to invest further in startups and AI technology.

The company has been at the center of controversy previously, and has been accused of releasing old technologies on the market, while maintaining advances at the forefront of its operations to give it an unfair advantage

Cryptocurrency cap crashes while the ICO cash out

While the market has continued to worsen this week at low levels that are not seen from autumn last year, there have been many accusations that ICO projects are grossing Ethereum in the grip of panic. The SanBase and TrustNodes monitoring projects both reported large individual sales from shares that amounted to approximately 100 to 125,000 ethers, or about $ 40 million.

The two major movements came from Cobinhood (25.630 ether) and Atonomi (12.000 ether), although Atonomi denies was cashing in and said it was changing contracts. The CEO of Bitmex, Arthur Hayes, has gone even further in fierce attacks on Ethereum calling it a two-figure shitcoin that would have fallen below $ 100.

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