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Arab Economic Summit … Repeated objects without implementation

Recurring articles and files, was present at the last table, and is also scheduled to be included in the current summit, which starts on Sunday, in the Lebanese capital Beirut, while the implementation of these files is absent in absence of real testament.

From the safety of water and food to trade liberalization, the elimination of customs restrictions and the financing of small businesses, the right to housing, the fight against poverty and unemployment, the improvement of health care and the connection of land and rail transport networks together constitute the most important contents of the previous three summits on Arab development. These were the most important courses of Kuwait 2009, Sharm El Sheikh 2011 and Riyadh 2013.

A diplomatic official said in a statement to the "new Arab" that "the lack of a clear will for economic cooperation between the Arab countries, as well as the mostly Arab bilateral relations, will prevent the desired from this summit".

The official stressed that "there is no clear plan to build on, and there is no common ground for cooperation in light of the political and economic fragmentation surrounding the Arab countries, which will reduce the chances of effective cooperation in the areas for which the summit is held ".

The general secretary of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Abul-Gheit, announced that 29 articles were approved and presented at the summit, while the secretary general Hossam Zaki said at a press conference last Friday on the sidelines of the preparations for the summit , the meeting will discuss 27 articles.

Regarding the fate of the previous decisions taken by the three summits held in Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Zaki stressed that these are summits linked to the development process, which are long-term, open and need planning and financing, adding that the most important thing about the summit is his convocation.

The Arab summit on sustainable energy 2030, the Arab common market for electricity and the integration initiative between tourism and cultural and cultural heritage. In the Arab countries and in the management of solid waste in the Arab world.

It also includes a voice on support for the Palestinian economy and a voice on the economic and social burdens of hosting Syrian refugees and their impact on host countries.

The agenda also includes a voice on the development of a common Arab vision in the digital field and a voice on the Arab strategic framework for the elimination of multi-dimensional poverty 2020-2030.

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source: The new Arab

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