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Apple shares, Google, Facebook on Tokenized on Ethereum Blockchain

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Tesla, among others, may have their tokenised titles on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH). According to a new one report released from Trustnodes, there is a startup based in Estonia that will allow investors to buy and sell tokenised shares.

Several FAANG actions have been assigned to Tokio using Ethereum

The company called DX.Exchange is about to launch the first regulated and digital securities exchange in the world. Users will be able to purchase digitized actions that are supported 1: 1 with real actions.

On January 7, the company will launch its trading platform allowing customers to purchase these securities listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. At the same time, users will have the opportunity to use virtual or fiat currencies to buy these securities.

In a conversation with CoinDesk, the operating director of Amedeo Moscato company commented:

"From now on, when they become a token holder, they own shares of shares in the company's shares, as the tokens are supported 1: 1 for real-world shares, which makes them the same cash dividends that actions are worth ".

MPS Marketplace Securities, Ltd, which has an agreement with DX.Exchange, will purchase real world titles based on user demand. After that, they will generate ERC-20 tokens to represent each share. The shares purchased by the company will be filed in a separate account that is separate from any MPS internal fund. This would allow the company to safeguard customers in cases of emergency such as bankruptcy.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission will oversee the MPS Securities markets. DX.Exchange will also follow the regulations imposed by the European Union and the authorities of the continent.

The company will use the Nasdaq financial information exchange protocol (FIX). This specific protocol defines exchanges of electronic messages that perform a securities transaction.

This is one of the first attempts on the market of tokenizing securities that would provide a clear answer to the fact that this tokenization can also be applied to other activities. In 2019, there are several experts who expect tokenization to play an important role in the market. DX.Exchange is at the forefront of trying to innovate with the latest available technologies.

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