Apple removes the Crypto Collectible War Knights game from the Coinbase Wallet


Shortly after the War Riders collectible Crypto game was released on the Coinbase Wallet iOS app, Apple ordered Coinbase to remove it from its list iOS portfolio.

War Riders is a next-generation post-apocalyptic MMO strategy game of crypto mining and bursting cars. The game revolutionizes asset blockchain trading by introducing the first ever market of gaming objects owned by its users. The goal is to build your own war vehicle for the purpose of extracting Benzene (BZN) and decimating your enemies. There are 2 ways in which players earn BZN: the first is driving through waypoints, the second is the raid of other players and the theft of their coins.

On Monday, Coinbase enabled native NFT hosting of the app in its app. On that day, War Riders obtained native support for his NFT (non-fungible token) on Coinbase, which means that the game can be found not only by name, but also by purchasing NFT, and the purchase will be shown in the wallet. [19659003] On Tuesday, Vlad Kartashov, CEO of Cartified, the company behind the game, said that War Riders no longer appeared as "featured on" inside the Coinbase Wallet. He said:

"I'm not sure what's exactly wrong with people who want to play."

There is no specific rule in the Apple app store that prohibits non-fungible tokens, however, the decision towards cryptocurrency and NFTs is often against them. For example, Coinbase was removed once from the App Store and Trust Wallet. Viktor Radchenko, CEO of Trust Wallet, said:

"Apple is not satisfied with digital goods, we were told to remove all digital coupons or Trust Wallet would be removed from the App Store within two weeks." [19659006] He added:

"The experience with Apple is simply terrible, no communication from there on how to work with NFT or even with cryptocurrencies."

A spokesperson for Coinbase said:

"A head high – we will remove from the iOS version because we can not highlight that facilitate the purchase of digital goods. "

Apple is famous for not being very friendly with the cryptocurrencies, and it is not the first time that Apple interrupts cryptocurrency transactions on Coinbase. He also removed SaruTobi, a game that allows players to collect Bitcoins. However, one of Apple's co-founders, Steve Wozniak, is a Bitcoin evangelist who has long been talking about his fascination with the largest currency in the world. Recently, Wozniak became a part of Crypto startup Equi Capital. Wozniak said that this would be for the time being he will work with a company focused on the blockchain and he also added that "he was amazed by the underlying technology [cryptocurrency]".

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