Apple and Ripple team up?


Ripple continues to collaborate with companies in many industries, and some predict a future partnership with Apple that would be sure to make XRP a hot product.

In recent months, Ripple has announced constant new partnerships, most recently one with the reign of Saudi Arabia.

Ripple's XRP, like (almost) all cryptocoins, is falling while the market hits a recession and is probably looking for a way to change its tides. Some in cryptospace predict or even demand that cryptogenin join forces with the technological giant Apple.

The Global Coin Report points out that in May Apple integrated Ripple's Interledger protocol as part of Apple's multi-platform payment systems, which was really an advantage for the value of XRP. More recently, Apple reported adding XRP to one of its warehouse tracking applications.

These indicate at least some relationship between the cryptographic company and Apple and, given the vast digital payment needs of Apple, who is most associated with behemoth technology is to gain Widespread adoption and massively improved visibility.

Bitmoney News notes that Apple has already adopted some of Ripple's technologies and, if they were to collaborate directly, XRP would become exponentially more valuable with Apple integrated into its global platform while significantly increasing liquidity and investment. They continue to notice that there are other competitors, such as Stellar, who are also positioned for Apple's adoption.

What is certain is that if Apple is associated with a cryptocostole, that cryptogenin will skyrocket in value.

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