Apollon Blockchain arrives to redesign the eCommerce ecosystem for leisure and entertainment


The cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces continue to warm up and bring the world closer, penetrating all spheres from large-scale industry to the media. A recent queuing in the cryptic world is represented by Apollon, a currency for leisure time and entertainment.

Apollon Blockchain is the project that aims to develop and support all related business applications with the underlying Blockchain infrastructure technology. The platform service covers the entire entertainment sector, including, for example, games, tourism and cross-over cultural activities with efficient payment systems. Enables cross-chain interaction technology to allow many Blockchains to connect and communicate with each other.

As the whitepaper of the company states, the vision of APO is to have a "free flow of value", allowing users or members of the platform to enjoy the benefits of the blockchain technology offer. To avoid or alleviate unnecessary transactional complications based on fluctuations in the market value of APO coins, Apollon designs a dual-layer digital currency structure based on APO currency and CASH liquidity (LCASH) of $ 1.0.

The company expects to achieve a reduction in transaction costs, an increase in operational efficiency and the promotion of a new model of economic growth collectively.

Apollon Blockchain's team includes prominent figures such as Takuya Hashiyada who serves as the head of security, Robin Fan, Jimmy Chan, Harris Tim Ng. The managing director of the company is Alan Lau, with over 36 years of experience in the sales, marketing, management and technology investments. In addition to directing Apollon, Lau is a founding member and vice president of the Shanghai Computer Society, a member of the British Institute of Analysts and Programmers (FMIAP), a member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and a member of Mensa International. [19659002] The advantages of APO seem to be numerous. Firstly, the purchase of a defined quantity of APO coins allows the entity to build and operate an electronic shop (e-Shop) on the platform subject to the internal conformity review of the APO. This e-shop operator will be equipped with a Blockchain BFT-DPOS blocking mechanism, which improves ongoing and guaranteed operations while offering incentives to operators and their end customers.

Secondly, Apollon Blockchain offers a high level of productivity without interrupting data to ensure TPS throughput and to ensure the continued use of DAPP.

Thirdly, Apollon Blockchain offers a two-tier structure, that is, between the underlying Blockchain technology and the specific commercial or e-Shop application, an operator can execute the payment of his client and clearing infrastructure, without involve Apollon.

In addition, Apollon Blockchain will also support the most widespread cryptocurrencies once a set of transactional data will be sent to the Blockchain level for clearing or applying smart contracts.

The company aims to conduct international business. The Apollon team believes the platform will become one of the world's first and most complete multi-chain platforms, redefining the eCommerce ecosystem for entertainment and leisure.

Apollon Blockchain launched Initial Coin Offering until July 31. However, the sale of the APO crowd is not available to residents of the People's Republic of China (including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions and Macao), South Korea and the United States of America due to the different legal status of cryptocurrencies there [19659015] [ad_2]Source link