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The scrambled have 99 problems and all 99 solvable with a little patience from users, enthusiasts, trolls.

Apollo is an all-in-one privacy coin and a technological solution that can leave behind our good encryption ideas and help us never look back. At least this is his promise.

The team behind it calls it "faster and more advanced cryptocurrency", they are certain that this is only the beginning and things will change dramatically.

Apollo wants to leave behind ethereum and bitcoin in a place where they can no longer compete with their performances. A little too ambitious? It is not always a good thing, well beyond the time when Icarus flew too close to the sun.

The objective for this objective will be reached in the first quarter of 2019 and this will come mainly from the launch of the sharing function on Hermes's blockchain underlying. We love how everything is so American. So close to home names. Dang!

Stephen McCullah, Apollo's Business Development Manager argues that even if cryptocurrencies were to be completely closed, people would still be able to use their platform because of its complete privacy features. Well, it's not so arrogant. But maybe he's right, people love being confidential and secrets are the best if kept on a technology that refuses to show them.

If the regulation hits, we will be one of the few non-adjustable platforms. Even if the whole world bans the crypto people will be able to buy and sell goods, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, create tokens, send messages, send and store files and much more on the Apollo platform. We are already one of the only currencies that completely mask your IP.

Even if with blockchain you never know what makes hack thing and in the future with the passage of time sophisticated blockchain could continue to become more and more vulnerable to breaches of security wherever it is profitable for hackers.

It's crazy, but even private currencies on the market now do not hide what makes your physical position known. This is why we are working to be all in one, we want to be the ultimate platform when governments repress themselves, so cryptic users can still do everything they need from a cryptocurrency and not be monitored.

If they are right, this is a very cutting edge technology, and perhaps if not completely put aside, but bitcoins and ethere will have at least one new rival to worry about others over their 99 problems.

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