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Antonio Palocci: Lula has received advice within the presidential plane

In a report published at the end of the week, the newspaper O Globo reports the latest announcement by the former superintendent of the government Lula and Dilma, Antonio Palocci.

Read the excerpts.

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Palocci said that the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva did not want to pay the triplex apartment in Guarujá (SP) with its resources because a beach apartment would have ruined his biography.

"Why do not you take the money from a lesson and pay the trip?" Palocci would have asked.

"An apartment on the beach is not part of my biography", was the answer given by Lula according to her former minister.

"Lula's only concern was to preserve her image, deliberately moving away from moments of illicitudes and systematically building versions that exempt him from any malpractice," added Palocci.

According to the newspaper, the former head of the Ministry of Finance said that the payments to Lula also included a meeting of the air of the Presidency of the Republic and that he had even delivered money in telephone and whiskey boxes.

"In Sao Paulo, he remembers an incident where he took cash with Lula in a box of whiskey to Congonhas airport, and on the way to the place he received constant calls from Lula requesting delivery," Palocci said.

Still Palocci: "During the growth of the Lava-Jet operation, Dilma gave a deepening investigation, as this would have suffocated and implicated Lula".

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