Anonymous Bitcoin Thief Faces Lawsuit by Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain in Seattle

Anonymous Bitcoin Thief Faces Lawsuit by Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain in Seattle

An anonymous thief who goes by the name of "John Doe" has an encrypted giant Bitmain has worked out.

At the beginning of this year, a hacker got a brief command of the Bitmain account on another Binechange Binance. Furthermore, the hacker became witty. He used other accounts – one at Binance and one at Bittrex – to finally grab their plate. They used the profiles to drive the price and eventually escaped with about $ 5.5 million encrypted from Bitmain's account. They have influenced the price of MANA coins to make these profits.

The company states:

"As a result of information and beliefs, Binance's automated system matched the deflated MANA sales order with the deflated MANA purchase order and traded and John Doe made significant gains at the expense of Bitmain As a result, John Doe has twice benefited from the transfer of MANA to the interior and exterior of Bitmain's digital portfolio. "

Now, in retaliation, Bitmain has decided to act. They filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the western district of Washington that brought the event to the attention of the public. Since the hacker remains unnamed, it is a case of "John Doe".

The lawsuit claims that the thief used during the event was previously deposited in a Bittrex portfolio, and Bittrex is based in Washington. So the case is presented in Seattle, Washington. In addition, the lawsuit states that "after John Doe had completed his theft of BTC from Bitmain, he transferred that BTC from John Doe's Binance portfolio and finally into a digital portfolio on the Bittrex cryptocurrency trading platform."

Accordingly, they declare that the Washington court has authority over the matter under the law on fraud and computer abuse, the Washington cybercrime law, and other computer scam laws.

The intention to sue an anonymous individual may seem extravagant, but there is a purpose behind it. A lawsuit similar to that of "John Doe" allows the plaintiff to sue to try to find the identity of the person they are hoping to recover the funds from. Essentially, Binance and Bittrex will probably accept messages from Bitmain's lawyers who force them to hand over the details of anyone behind the scam.

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