Angry Panda coin to increase the use of cryptocurrency?


What Is Angry Panda?

The main purpose of the project Angry Panda is to protect cryptocurrency investors from the numerous risks associated with the encrypted market. The project aims to provide this protection by providing a guarantee for almost the total value that has been paid for the coins.

In addition to providing investors with greater safety and security, the project was also designed to encourage, as well as facilitate the daily use of cryptocurrencies. It did so by providing platform users with a secure, cost-effective and quick way to send and receive payments.

The problems that angry Panda tries to solve

Angry Panda The project was launched with the main objective of addressing some of the common problems associated with the cryptocurrency market, for example,

  • Projects bankruptcies that do not issue repayments
  • Extreme volatility of the market
  • Frauds
  • Lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency market
  • The bubble effect

The roar token of Angry Panda to enhance the solution of use of cryptocurrency

The project will provide cryptocurrencies provided with a guaranteed minimum repurchase price linked to EUR, USD and other legal currencies. These cryptocurrencies will also be cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged with other currencies that have no price limits.

This means that it will now be possible for the trader to negotiate and make profits knowing that their investments are protected against loss of value. Many coins tend to lose their value when bear markets suffer a downward trajectory.

As such, the final solution proposed by the team behind this project is that which provides for the repayment of almost all the capital invested in the Angry Panda Project coins. The reimbursement (95%) will be in the form of an automatic repurchase system

Roar ICO ROAR Token ICO Details


1 Oct 2018 – to be confirmed

  • Our sale price: 1.05 € [19659007] Maximum price: € 1 always
  • Maximum value EBEAR / EUR: No limit
  • EBEAR value / any other: No limit
  • Total supply: 100,000,000


1st – 31 August 2018 [19659006] Our sale price: 1-512 $

  • Support price: 95% (form only)
  • ROAR / USD maximum value: No limit
  • ROAR value / any other: No limit
  • Total supply: 10,000,000

    1 Oct 2018 – to be confirmed

    • Our sale price: $ 1.05
    • Support price: 1 $ always
    • Maximum value UBEAR / USD: No limit
    • UBEAR value / any other: No limit
    • Total supply: 100,000,000

    XPAN D

    1 set 2018

    • Our selling price: $ 1,050
    • Support price: $ 1,000 always
    • XPAND / USD maximum value: $ 1,100
    • XPAND value / any other er: No limits
    • Total supply: 100,000,000

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