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Angela Merkel promotes the compromise of the EU with Great Britain ONLINE TIME

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) invited the European Union to participate in the Brexit debate on a compromise solution Great Britain try you would respect it
Britain no longer wants to be a member of the EU, he said
Merkel at the state party convention CDU in
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Rostock.

Alluding to the possibility of an unregulated Brexits he reminded her: "We have one too
Responsibility, so responsible for this separation process
form what does not dominate us in 50 years
he shakes and says, "Why could not they get one?
To find a compromise. "" You will do it
then until the last day for an orderly Brexit

Sigmar Gabriel sees the greatest risk in "watching"

The former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) has called on the EU to strive to keep Britain in the European Union. "Now not only the British must move, but also we other Europeans," he told the newspapers of the German publishing network. "From my point of view, looking is the right thing
the biggest risk. "

Gabriel asked to postpone the exit scheduled for March 29th. So Britain should clarify the way forward. The "best of all possible solutions" was a second referendum to stay fully in the EU, the politician said. But it is necessary to redefine what is voted. As a parallel step, Gabriel also proposed EU-wide guidelines for migration. With such a regulation, "many Britons could be worried".

The renegotiation of the European Union with Great Britain would be a risk, admitted Gabriel. It was understandable that the summit of the European Union in Brussels wanted to maintain pressure on the British House of Commons. Unfortunately, so far in London there are no "signs that the fear of untidy Brexit leads to reason".

In the case of the unregulated exit of Britain from the EU, does not consider the economic consequences as the most serious consequences, Gabriel said: "The real danger is that the rest of the world will surely consider Europe a fragile continent ".

Austria also wants to avoid a non-agreement scenario

The Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has meanwhile signaled the willingness to postpone the date of the British exit of the EU. "If London presents an appropriate strategy and plan, it would be
postpone the withdrawal date of several months ",
said the short The world of Sunday, "Britain is on the train now,
clarify your ideas. "All sides have benefited from an agreement in the negotiations, added the head of the Austrian government." A hard and messy Brexit would hurt us all. "That's why in the European Union everything is set on a scenario with no avoided agreement.

Last week, the British House of Commons voted against the exit agreement that had negotiated the government of Theresa May and the EU. A vote of no confidence in the government, which had demanded opposition after the defeat, survived the Prime Minister and plans to present the so-called Plan B next Monday.

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