Andreea Esca gives Dan Bittman a cute shot, after he accuses her of staging her illness! Holograph soloist, totally humiliated


andreea esca

Dan Bittman doesn’t look much like the one we’ve all known recently. The soloist Holograf has launched a series of mind-boggling accusations, shocking not only the audience, but also his colleagues and close friends.

He has made several public appearances urging people to protest the measures taken by the authorities and also accused several relatives of staging their illness for money. One of his targets was Andreea Esca. The two were friends, so no one expected such a reaction from Bittman.

Dan Bittman accuses Andreea Esca and Pro TV of staging the TV presenter’s illness

“They looked for many examples, they wanted to find in the world of sport, they wanted to find in the world of television, as was Andreea Esca. They wanted to find at some point also in this world, ours, the artists, the singers … And if I think that Andreea Did Esca stage his illness? I think so! I don’t think there’s anything real there. That’s my opinion! “Dan Bittman said.

She is friends with me, but my opinion is that nothing is true. I have seen people who have experienced this thing, this is not the way to go and this is not the way to get back to the news, happily ever after! I think there is a trust that scares us every day. I don’t want to fight now with PRO TV, which every day pours disasters on us with disasters and reasons to be good and keep quiet, “said Dan Bittman during the Mădălin Ionescu show.

Andrea Esca’s answer

Andreea Esca also answered him based on his worth. He totally ignored her. Instead, she posted an image in Insta Story of Mihai Petre appearing with the phone in her hand, and the message “Damn, let’s dance” is printed on the cover of the device, a sign that her former friend’s aberrations leave her indifferent. He basically humiliated Bittman in an extremely elegant way.

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