Analysts: Bitcoin (BTC) to win $ 144,000 in 10 years, Ethereum to lose steam


The value of Bitcoin will be the keynote speech in a decade to come. This is according to a report by the Satis Group. Satis Group is a consulting firm offering services in ICO and cryptocurrency. According to this company, Bitcoin is destined to a ten year price increase, despite the recent market setbacks

Bitcoin, Monero and Dash To Gain Exponential Boom

The report, entitled "Cryptoasset Market Coverage: Valuation," that the price of Bitcoin should approach $ 33,000 in 2019: an excellent 400% increase over the current $ 7,000 range. With a price range of $ 33,000, Bitcoin has exceeded its December 2017 historical high of $ 20,000. With this trend, the cryptographic assets will have reached about $ 72,000 in value within the next 3 years.

If this bullish trend is valid for 5 years, the currency will be valued at $ 96,000 at the end of it. Analysts project that by 2028 (ie 10 years from 2018), the value of Bitcoin could be $ 144,000.

In addition to Bitcoin's main uptrend, analysts are also projecting a big boost for Monero (XMR). The report indicates that Monero could increase by more than 38,000% between now and 2028, which means the crypt will have fired from its current position at $ 103 to a $ 39,584 scholar by the end of the 10-year period. The same analysts also put Dash (DASH) on the list of digital resources planned to gain value. Currently trading at $ 188, Dash is seen rising by 1.459% to reach $ 2.927 in value by 2028.

Ethereum On The Losing List

However, the same Satis report suggests that some other cryptographic assets like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will not win in the future. BCH is currently trading at $ 558, but Satis expects this momentum to explode and that the cryptocurrency will shrink to $ 180 within the next 10 years. Furthermore, Ripple (XRP) will have no regular ride. According to Satis, the next 10 years will see Ripple fall to $ 0.004 from the current value of $ 0.3

In the case of Ethereum, Satis explains that specific application blockchain networks do not have much value in their current form. In this case, Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS) will probably see a decline as they face obstacles caused by problems with user interfaces and government regulations. However, since cryptos like Monero, Bitcoin and Decred are basically cryptographic assets in a widely viral market, the value is bound to increase enormously.

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