An investor of Ethioum ICO is moving millions of ETH into Bitfinex


  ethereum ico whale

One of the first "whales ethereum" seems to have second thoughts on the prospects of the second largest cryptomonima

One of the first whales of Ethereum is channeling millions to Bitfinex

This anonymous investor, who received over 314,000 ETHs from the Genesis block of the network as a result of their investment in the initial offer of Coins Ethereum (ICO), this week has channeled around 20,000 ETHs into Bitfinex, worth approximately $ 5.5 million at the time of writing . [19659005] ethereum ico whale "width =" 1107 "height =" 323 "srcset =" jpg 1107w,×88.jpg 300w, https: //248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine.netdna-ssl. com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/08 / ethereum-whale-selloff2-768×224.jpg 768w, https: // 248qms3nhmvl15 whale-selloff2-1024×299.jpg 1024w, /2018/08/ethereum-whale-selloff2-640×187.jpg 640w, https: // 248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-×105.jpg 360w "sizes =" (maximum width: 1107px) 100vw, 1107px “/>

ETH Address: 0xB23cC6D921271148F7bf5D5D9Ae5A34240 | Source: Etherscan

The development was first noticed by the California attorney Zoe Dolan, who was monitoring the wallets containing funds originating in the Ethereum Genesis block for the "capitulation" test.

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