An elderly couple nearly threw away these half-million-dollar Star Wars items


Couple Discovered They Are Sitting In One Of The Best Star Wars Collections On The Planet | Photo: Via Infobae

An elderly couple in England were smiled with luck, the lucky star, after they managed to sell a collection of toys and Star Wars memorabilia they had inherited for half a million dollars. His neighbor.

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Among the toys were plastic action figures, spaceships and collectibles never removed from their original packaging and were purchased by the couple after the death of the neighbor and left them in writing in his will.

The story was leaked by the British media The Times, which did not identify the elderly couple but claimed that when they received the toys they had no idea of ​​their true value, so they stored them in trash bags in the basement of their home.

The couple live in Stourbridge, central England, and as they didn’t know what to do with all those dolls and toy spaceships, they decided to call their son to show him their legacy.

He came up with the idea of ​​getting an auction expert named Chris Aston from Aston’s Auctioneers, who told them the collection was very valuable, as most of the action figures were in their original boxes and in excellent condition.

“Some were slightly damp due to the way they were stored, but this is the best collection of Star Wars items I’ve ever seen. We received expressions of interest from around the world and were confident that the sale would be a success, ”Aston told the Times.

In the collection were classic figures that sold for thousands of dollars | Photo: Via Infobae

Among the items offered for sale was a commander of the Star Destroyer, one of the ships in the fleet of the Galactic Empire, which turned out to be one of only two known examples left in the original packaging. This extremely rare collector’s item sold for £ 32,500, more than $ 42,000.

There was also a figure of Jawa – the little hooded, bright-eyed beings – which was in its original packaging and was one of 10 known specimens. It sold for £ 27,280, more than $ 35,000.

A group of action figures inspired by the film “Return of the Jedi”, which in the 1980s could have cost less than two dollars, were also sold for 1,400 pounds, more than 1,850 dollars.

There was also a 1978 action figure of Luke Skywalker – the star of classic episodes IV, V and VI of the series – that sold for $ 25,000.

As well as other objects such as a Storm Trooper helmet, toys that allude to the Empire, or the eye of the robot R2D2, one of the most loved characters by fans of the Star Wars universe, which were part of the collection and were sold at prices very good .

In total, sales reached 400 thousand pounds, over 500 thousand dollars, which was completely unexpected for the couple of heirs who at first considered garbage.

“I don’t know if they had an idea in mind, but they must have the same feeling as if they had won the lottery,” Aston told the British media.

And no wonder, because even if they have never heard of ‘La Fuerza’, in the end it was luck that accompanied them.

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