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An easy-to-use Ethereum Blockchain explorer

Because cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in the market and among people, with the many portfolios available on the market, privacy and security are a major concern, and that's where Enjin Wallet comes in.

What is Enjin Wallet?

The Enjin portfolio is the safest cryptocurrency portfolio in the world for Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin BTC, Ripple XRP, Enjin Coin ENJ, ERC-20 Tokens, ERC-721 Collectibles and ERC-1155 Crypto Items and Collectibles

It features a small wallet user interface that evolves on the fly to meet your specific needs and employs innovative security measures to turn your smartphone into hardware like the secure Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet. The Enjin portfolio never holds or has access to any of the user's funds, the funds will be in total control with the private keys. You can always restore your funds or wallets on any device with your 12-word passcode.

The following are some of the biggest features of Enjin:

Add custom tokens and ICO investments

You can add and manage any ERC20 token even if they have not yet been officially listed. With the help of the Enjin portfolio, you can also participate in any ERC20 based on ICO or airdrop, and you can also easily customize everything from the price of ETH gas and limit contract data.

Create endless portfolios and organize your finances

Create, track, import and use an infinite number of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 portfolios. There is also an option to divide funds into different lots, create savings, trade or a corporate portfolio and unlimited other cryptographic portfolios.

Track the infinite wallets and hardware

Keep track of every Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin address and look at all their transactions in the real-time scenario. You can also instantly view the balance of your hardware portfolio and transactions. Keep track of all Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) addresses and view all their transactions in real time.

Imports and sweeps

Import Litecoin and Bitcoin private keys and easily import from MyEtherWallet. It does not matter if your device is lost, you can even protect your wallet and coins with only 12 words written on a sheet. The main sentence can restore all your wallet and funds to any device, regardless of which one you are using.

No advertising. Always free. Always private

Last, but not least, a free Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum Wallet without worries or privacy.

Bottom line

Overall, Enjin Wallet offers the extraordinary features to be used as a portfolio for all our cryptocurrencies. This is a highly recommended portfolio for those who are much more concerned about privacy and security.

Udit Agarwal

Udit Agarwal

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