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Amrita Rao shared baby's first photo!  The boy's name!

Amrita Rao has just become a mother.

#Mumbai: Amrita Rao has just become a mother. She is one of the popular Bollywood heroines. However, he hasn’t been seen acting for some time. Amrita married J Anmol in 2016. Amrita, the heroine of “Wedding”, has practically left Bollywood. However, the last time Amrita was seen in a small screen role was in the movie ‘Thackeray’ in 2019.

Seven years of love. Then the wedding. But Amrita and her husband Anmol love to keep relationships, marriage and personal life hidden from public view. However, Amrita didn’t tell anyone about her pregnancy at first, but shared the news by sharing photos and videos for 9 months.

She shared a photo with her husband and wrote: “‌ It’s 10 months for you, but it’s 9 months for us. Surprise, surprise: 6.7.8. Anmol and I have already reached 9 months. I share this news with my parents. friends and fans. “I’m so glad you did. I’m sorry to keep the news so long. Our baby will arrive so soon. I had a wonderful trip with Anmol’s family. Greetings to the world. Greetings to all of you for your prayers. “

The actress gave birth to a son within days of this post. Since then, everyone has wanted to see the boy’s photo and find out what his name is. Amrita’s husband Anmol shared a photo of the baby’s small hand on social media. The boy is called “Veer”. They wished everyone blessings by sharing this picture.

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First publication:6 November 2020 17:44 IS

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