Amr Adib: The Obama administration was using the Brotherhood to turn the Arab world upside down


Hoda Amin

Posted on: Saturday 17 October 2020-12: 43 | Last update: Saturday 17 October 2020 – 00:43

Journalist Amr Adib said no one in the West cares about former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s e-mail leaks.

He added during his presentation of the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on the satellite channel “Mbc Egypt”, on Friday evening, saying: “We are interested to know that the administration of former US President Barack Obama was using the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the entire Arab world, which has become a clear truth. “

He went on to say that Egypt was on the brink of a fall pit, due to the coming to power of the Brotherhood and their attempt to pull the state out and enter its joints, adding, “But God wanted them to be expelled. from an exorbitant evil, despite the fact that behind them was the largest country in the world, which is America “.

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