American elections. The situation at the moment


Here we follow, minute by minute, the progress of the elections in the United States of America.

Other updates

12:42 – With no basis in allegations of fraud in US elections, the Trump campaign has created a telephone line where people can call to report suspected fraud situations

12:31 pm – More results expected soon in Pennsylvania

12:29 – CNN says Biden’s team is already putting together a strategy to secure support and allies to validate the legitimacy of the election

11.13 – Biden increases the advantage in Georgia

However, there are only 1096 votes compared to Donald Trump.

11:01 – If Biden wins in Georgia, he will be the first Democratic president to achieve that result since 1992, with Bill Clinton

10:51 – Joe Biden raises funds for what he hopes will be a long and costly court battle launched by Trump

10:29 – CNN says Biden should soon be directing in Pennsylvania as well

Trump is moving forward at this point.

10:28 – Counting in Georgia

98 percent of the votes have already been counted. Eventually Biden arrived and leads into this state.

10:26 – At three in the morning in Washington Trump wrote that Twitter was out of control

10h14 – What you need to know right now

Joe Biden leads the tally for Electoral College with 253 votes to Trump’s 213. You need 270 to win the election.

If he wins in Georgia, Biden gets 269 votes for the constituency. But there are two other states where the Democratic candidate leads the tally at this point: Arizona and Nevada. And even in Pennsylvania, where it is still behind Trump, US election experts indicate that unanswered votes will increase Biden’s percentage in this state.

9:49 – Joe Biden surpasses Donald Trump in the vote count in Georgia. In command now with 917 more votes.

Georgia accounts for 16 votes for the constituency. Biden’s victory here will be the big surprise of this election, along with a possible Arizona victory. The Democrats last won in Georgia in 1992. Trump won by more than 200,000 votes in 2016.

If Biden wins here, he’ll just have to guarantee victory in Nevada or Arizona to win the election.

Third day after the American elections and there is still no confirmation of the name of the next US president. But it should happen today. The count continues. There are four decisive states.


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