American elections before the decision: Biden slightly lengthens the leadership in Pennsylvania – he says in Georgia – politics


The US elections are in the pipeline. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump still have a chance to win. However, on Friday it looks like Joe Biden could extend his lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia. If Pennsylvania wins, it will be enough for the presidency. He’s been leading since Friday afternoon. Here is an overview of how it is in the respective states:

Pennsylvania – 20 voters – Biden slightly extends the lead

Eventually, the state of the Rust Belt could determine who wins the election. Trump was still clearly in the lead on Wednesday with around 700,000 votes. As the mail order votes were counted, the lead melted. On Friday afternoon, Biden took the lead for the first time and is now about 9,000 votes ahead of Trump (0.1%). Most of the vacant ballots are in strongly Democratic Philadelphia, and not all of them have yet been counted. In the event of a difference of 0.5 percent or less, the recount of votes is required by law.

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