Amazon PS5s are stolen by couriers!

Stolen PS5? Amazon is going through a real nightmare that could impact its reputation. After all, many orders for Sony PlayStation 5 consoles are simply disappearing!

Especially in the UK where it doesn’t even seem to be related to people stealing packages after delivery, but rather to van drivers / couriers stealing console on the go.

PS5s ordered by Amazon are stolen by couriers!

Stolen PS5

So, it’s not even easy for anyone who has decided to order a PS5 on Amazon. In fact, the renowned shop also had to make a statement, now read:

“Our goal is always to find happiness for our consumers. Something that is simply not happening for a small percentage of these orders. We apologize for the event and are investigating what is happening. We are speaking to all the injured parties to resolve the situation. Anyone who has had any problems, please contact the support team. “

Meanwhile, it looks like Amazon is inundated with refund requests! For not being able to deliver the PS5 on time. In this regard the company has no comments.

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Sony wants to launch an Xbox Game Pass-like service on PS5

In short, PlayStation Plus has evolved considerably over the years. However, it’s undeniable that Microsoft has an unrivaled heavyweight … In the form of its Xbox Game Pass, of course. A service that not only gives access to high-quality games, but is basically the cornerstone of an increasingly powerful and captivating ecosystem.

Well, how can Sony rival this? It’s actually very simple, just create a similar offer.

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