Amazon could finally join the Blockchain Arena


Blockchain technology is still dominating financial headlines and conversations throughout the technology sphere, and this makes it even stranger that some of the biggest names in the industry remain outside the industry, just looking inside.

On the other hand, after several announcements, it seems that one of the greatest giants of technology can be ready to intervene.

Amazon continues to explore the opportunities of the blockchain

Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world, spent months exploring the possibility of the blockchain

At the beginning of 2018, these explorations were transformed into real actions and the company announced some partnerships and some of its plans. starting from its Blockchain-as-a-service function, Amazon moves from theory to practice.

For Amazon, the whole need to integrate blockchain tools has two sides: change trends in the eCommerce industry and consumers and look for more ways to expand its vital AWS platform.

Amazon's dominance in online commerce has a very high price. Most companies that manage sales through Amazon have a significant problem.

Eran Eyal, CEO of blockchain Shopin states that "Amazon presents an enigma: while providing a huge platform for a wide distribution of products, logistical support and marketing, all this comes at the expense of a personalized relationship between the brand and its customers. " [19659002] For many retailers, the most significant problem is the loss of end user information gathered by Amazon. This is why many retailers look at other alternatives and the blockchain provides them.

Amazon's efforts are more focused on B2B possibilities

For the moment, Amazon's efforts seem more focused on B2B opportunities that now offers blockchain [19659002] On the business-to-business front, the value of the blockchain on Amazon is more accurate.

The B2B realm has a more developed ecosystem for blockchain and Amazon's platforms have already improved to incorporate technology.

[19659002] Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud server solution for businesses, has the pieces to easily adapt to the blockchain.

However, overall, for Amazon, entering the blockchain realm is more than an opportunity for the time being, it has become a necessity.

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