AmaZix and Iconiq Holding Partner support the Blockchain and the Digital Asset Class


FRANKFURT, Germany ago. 27 2018 / PRNewswire / – Iconiq Holding, the team behind the first decentralized venture capital group in the world, Iconiq Lab announces a strategic partnership with AmaZix, the world's leading management and involvement company.

The partnership further illustrates the commitment of Iconiq Holding to the progress of its community and improves its ability to fill the traditional investment space and the crypto economy. AmaZix's efforts to establish quality standards are further demonstrated in this report.

"Iconiq Holding takes into serious consideration the possibility of creating a first level digital asset management ecosystem reaching the right audience", says the managing director of Iconiq Holding, Patrick Lowry. "Through AmaZix's world-renowned community engagement platform, we are able to lay further bricks on the bridge we are building between cryptic and traditional financial institutional markets."

AmaZix, like Iconiq Holding, is a partner company of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange and has worked with the likes of BANCOR and GoChain. Both Iconiq and AmaZix follow rigorous due diligence processes and the partnership is set to establish new quality standards in a rapidly evolving encrypted economy. This partnership extends to the companies in the portfolio of Iconiq Lab, which can now make use of community building and engagement strategies promoted by AmaZix.

CEO of AmaZix Jonas Karlberg talks about a "match made in paradise" with Iconiq Holding, noting that their common ground in cryptographic space was a perfect opportunity for shared synergies:

"It is an honor for us at AmaZix to enter into this mutually beneficial partnership with Iconiq Holding & # 39; s Patrick Lowry and its stellar team that is at the forefront of decentralized venture capital." At AmaZix, we are proud to work only with the best. "

AmaZix team will begin integrating into the Iconiq community at the end of August through an expanding community of over 100,000 people on all social channels will be jointly managed by AmaZix and the management team of IConiq C.

Information on Iconiq Holding

Ic oniq Holding is creating the main ecosystem of digital asset management, creating financial vehicles the reliable and business opportunities for investors in the blockchain market, led by the ICNQ token. Iconiq Holding has launched Iconiq Lab, the first decentralized venture capital club in the world, and is a sponsor of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX).

Full details of the ICNQ token are available at icnqdeck.

Join the Iconiq community at .

Iconiq Holding is the trademark of Iconiq Lab Holding GmbH, a sponsor company of GBX. Iconiq Lab Holding GmbH owns entirely Iconiq Lab Accelerator GmbH, the ICNQ token issuer.

About AmaZix

AmaZix based in Hong Kong is a group of professional ICO consultants with technical experience in blockchain technology and business development. Founded by a team of six people, the AmaZix family is now approaching 150 consultants, social media managers and community moderators.

AmaZix has collectively managed various aspects and communities of over 100 blockchain startups, including 24/7 management of around 140 social media and real-time communication channels hosting 470,000 users.

AmaZix is ​​one of the 19 companies sponsoring GBX.

Media Contact

Patrick Lowry

CEO, Iconiq Holding

[email protected]

SOURCE Iconiq Holding

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