AlterVerse global construction platform joins the Blockchain Enjin (ENJ) ecosystem


AlterVerse, A multiverse of games and construction of the world where users can play and create an infinite number of games and interconnected worlds, joined the Enjin (ENJ) blockchain game ecosystem.

AlterVerse is designed to allow players, streamer and developers to monetize their activities via a game token called Arn. In theory, AlterVerse will be characterized by everything: immersive environments with PvP and PvE actions, complete breeding and processing systems, hunting and fishing and full support for virtual reality.

The first game of AlterVerse, called a RPG of first-person adventure break, will be released on Steam in the first quarter of 2019. Disorganization will feature four game modes, including Solo Raid, Alliance Raids, Adventure Quests and Battle Royale. Following this release, AlterVerse plans to add 5 World World and Quest levels that can be customized for game mechanics.

According to adAlterVerse will integrate the entire multiverse list of Enjin objects from the now 29 different titles that are based on the Enjin blockchain in its interconnected worlds.

"Players will be able to move between game worlds, using their multiverse objects wherever they go," reads the ad. "The shape and function of the objects will be determined by the game they are in, which means that objects can appear differently and provide different abilities in every game, but identity, history, scarcity, the origin and ownership of the objects will be stored on the blockchain forever. "

This news comes about a week later Titan Flight Studios, a new video game development company, has joined the Enjin ecosystem.

The first title of Titan Flight, Rebounce, an arcade-style mobile game in which players bounce a ball from a wall for as long as possible, is now available for iOS.

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