Altcoin Prices Rejecting Low Lows – Times without bank


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All in all, traders and investors are optimistic about recovering morale in the price of altcoins. However, for that to happen, we have to see giant leaps when EOS buyers, Litecoin and Tron accumulate enough momentum for further higher highs after last week's highs. The bulls IOTA and Stellar Lumens could drive this recovery on the condition that today they close like a bull when prices exceed 60 cents and the horizontal one along 22 cents. Let's take a look at these graphs: EOS Technical Analysis EOS Daily Chart by Trading View Technically, EOS prices are fairly stable and increase by 1% in the last day. With the EOS oscillation, prices continue to fluctuate by 17 August, with a bearish reversal pattern without confirming the reversal pattern of three bars that many expected to push prices towards our immediate resistance line at $ 7. In any case, our EOS plan is clear: bears have control

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