Allegedly kidnapped: 88 years resurfaced in Austria


An 88-year-old woman would have been kidnapped in Austria. Now the elder has reappeared.

The police started a big manhunt after the accident in Burgenland Eisenstadt. According to media reports, the woman is said to be Magdolna Ottrubay, the mother of the owner of the noble Esterházy family. Now the missing one has reappeared. Apparently it is a question of an internal family.

The doubt about the whole story was the Austrian interior minister Herbert Kickl. "At the moment, it is not really certain that this is a kidnapping in the classic sense of the word," the minister said, shortly after the kidnapping.

The police did not provide any information on the identity of the kidnapped. He explained that the investigations were conducted "internationally".

Presumably, the 88-year-old was traveling with his caregiver when he suddenly stopped two black limousines and the pensioner was forced to get on board.

Massive police operation

The incident sparked a massive police operation in the small town near the Hungarian border, according to the Austrian media. At around 17:00, the authorities launched a large-scale research in the Eisenstadt area. According to an eyewitness, cars with foreign registration – especially from Hungary – have been stopped and searched.

"We are in full swing," a police spokesman for the APA news agency said. The Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl was careful, however, regarding the exact background of the act. "At the moment, it is not really certain that this is a kidnapping in the classical sense," said the minister.

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