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All I want for Christmas … it's more blockchain education

A survey conducted by the eToro trading website suggested that 44% of investors are reluctant to invest and trade with crypts because they do not know enough, as revealed by a Forbes report.

eToro is a trading platform that defines itself as "a revolution in social trading". They claim to offer services that most trades do not do, such as "immediate execution of market orders". eToro has been a global leader in the fintech sector since 2007, with users spanning over 140 countries.

eToro commissioned Provoke Insights, a market research and strategy company, to oversee the survey, which was distributed to 1,000 investors. The age range for the survey was between 20 and 65 years. The key figure that stood out was that 44% of people believed that the lack of knowledge and educational resources was a border that prevented them from trading.

The Forbes article continues to reveal that even among millennia, lack of education was an important factor in stopping them from investing in crypts. However, despite these high figures, the interest in trading and investment has not diminished, with 97% saying they want to know more.

This sentiment is shared elsewhere, with Marion Vogel, director of æternity, who recently announced the launch of two charitable foundations in Bulgaria and Liechtenstein to promote research and development of technology and blockchain projects.

L & # 39; æternity believes to be one of the most innovative answers to the current problems of blockchain technology. They are characterized by intelligent comprehensive Turing contracts that allow the execution of credible transactions without the need for an intermediary. Consensus is obtained through a hybrid mix of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS), two algorithms commonly used in blockchain.

L & # 39; æternity has also collaborated with Dacade to release free introductory courses on blockchain. Dacade is a peer-to-peer online learning platform. Their purpose is to provide adequate education on the blockchain and at the same time allow users to earn cryptocurrency at the same time. This partnership with æternity should help Marion Vogel's vision to progress in a timely manner.

With the approach of 2019 and the general population that seems to have the feeling of lacking education in the blockchain field, we may see an increase in educational resources made available in the next year.

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