All I want for Christmas is Crypto!


All I want for Christmas is cryptic! You can almost imagine a sparkling Mariah Carey wrapped in trinkets singing the song accompanied by a chorus of bitcoin whales.

We live in a new exciting financial world that is changing every aspect of our lives. Also Christmas. With the infamous Black Friday on us and Christmas watching us from behind the corner, now is the time to keep all your Christmas gifts under control.

A recent report indicated that teenagers want the cryptocurrency and currency of digital games this Christmas, not money or gift cards, so let's see what the bitcoin gifts are available.

Bitcoin hardware wallet

The purchase of a cryptographic hardware portfolio is the perfect gift for a cryptic fanatic. You can never have enough security when it comes to storing digital resources. Furthermore, these devices are elegant and elegant. Hardware portfolios are similar to USB sticks but optimized to keep your cryptography secure offline. Some of the best hardware storage products on the market are Trezor, Ledger and Keep Key.

Block Explorer recently reviewed 12 of the best cryptographic portfolios to help you make the right choice.

Bitcoin hardware nano wallet better than Ledger

Buy Cryptocurrency as a gift

Do you have friends or a younger family member who is interested in encryption but still needs to take the plunge? Why do not you do it for them? There are all the ways you can introduce your friends and family to encrypt this Christmas, here are a few.

Give the gift of Bitcoin

The easiest way to give a friend a bit of bitcoin for Christmas is to give a wallet of encrypted paper. They are the ideal gift for those who do not have a physical bitcoin wallet or access to an exchange. Paper wallets can be customized to give a gift in the crypt of your choice.

Bitcoin paper wallet Christmas gift

Fortnite V-Bucks instead of gift cards

Gift cards were always a solid choice when it came to giving away to young people. But the game has changed. The game is changed to Fortnite! A recent report by the Piper Jaffray asset management company shows that American teenagers now prefer V-Bucks or Crypto as opposed to money or gift cards.

V-Bucks, although not exactly a crypto, is the digital currency of choice for the very famous Fortnite game, which this year has taken over the world. 1,000 V-Bucks costs $ 9.99, making it an inexpensive but attractive gift. Alternatively, the purchase of PlayStation4 PSN credit cards, which can then be used to purchase V-Bucks online or PS4 products, is also an ideal gift for young players.

Fortnite v-bucks Christmas present

Cryptocurrency Tech Geek Gifts for Christmas

If your family or your friends are passionate about crypts and enthusiasts, maybe you need to look for some geeky gifts encrypted for Christmas.

HTC Exodus 1 Blockchain smartphone

Nothing says Merry Christmas to a crypto-head as if you were buying the HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone. Part of the phone, part of the cryptographic portfolio, Exodus offers simple access to a range of Dapp and can act as a blockchain node to exchange cryptocurrencies. The phone is currently only available for purchase in bitcoin or ether and, if you order now, it will be published at the beginning of December.

Christmas gift htc-exodus-1-blockchain

Bitcoin mining hardware for Christmas

Once it was possible to extract bitcoins on your computer (ah, the good old days!) Nowadays, it requires hardware equipment called ASIC miner. Starting at $ 39 at the bottom at $ 3,000 + at the top, there are options for every budget.

However, we should emphasize that bitcoin mining is not at all profitable. And if you are a parent, be aware that your "gift" will probably double your household electricity bill!

bitcoin miner christmas gift

Crypto Novelty Gifts

What happens if you have a limited budget? If so, an encrypted gift of novelty is the best way to go. Not only are they good value for money, but they can also bring a smile to the face of a friend or family member for less than $ 30.

Coins of cryptocurrency gift

On Amazon and other online markets, you can buy gift sets of cryptocurrency coins. They are a nice little collectible item and are available in sets with the names of your favorite coins like bitcoin, monero, ethereum and so on. For just $ 19.95, you can not go wrong.

crypt coins gift set

Bitcoin cups and mugs

A nice novelty gift you could buy for a friend is a cup or a cup of bitcoins. Check out this Bitcoin mug which costs only $ 14.95 on Etsy. An ideal gift for a bitcoin enthusiast.

bitcoin cup gift

Crypto t-shirt and clothing

What do you buy a crypto friend who already has everything? An encrypted shirt with the inscription "Just Hodl" on the chest which costs only $ 18.99. There is a wide range of t-shirts inspired by the online crypto that offer a cheap and fun way to fill this year's Christmas stocking.

just a Christmas present for the shirt

Purchase of Christmas gifts of digital goods

In this day and age, you can buy digital goods on the blockchain. Here are some options for you:

Criptokitti as digital collectible animals

Cryptokitties is a blockchain-based collector's game in which you can buy virtual cats with crypts (think of Pokemon on a blockchain). The criptokitti can be bought, sold and raised. You can buy a criptokitty for a friend, who might even sell for a profit a day.

give cryptokitty as a gift

Become a dictator with your own encrypted countries

Have you ever wanted to be a dictator of your country? You can buy your friend an encrypted country for Christmas. Crypto Countries gives you the opportunity to buy and own countries as smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. You can become owner of the country, which automatically increases in price (evaluated in ETH). In some cases, if another user desperately wants to buy your country, he could even give you double the ETH.

gift of cryptocountries

Buy Virtual Land on Decentraland

You can purchase the virtual land as a Christmas gift on the VR Decentraland platform, which is one of the most innovative projects on Ethereum's blockchain. As in the physical real estate sector, you can improve the price of the land and sell it for profit. The next "land auction" of Decentraland will be launched in December, just in time for Christmas.


Crypto high-end luxury gifts

If you think that Christmas presents for the novelty are for cheap men and you want to throw a lot of money, how about a luxury watch or a flash sports car?

Purchase a Rolex with Crypto for Christmas

If your friend is a "him", what do you think of this incredible Rolex Yacht-Master II for 10.68 BTC? If the gift is for a "she", why not spray on the Rolex PearlMaster 34 which costs in the 38.8 BTC region?

bitcoin clock

Or a Lambo?

It is the favorite meme of all bitcoins: when you make it rich in crypts, buy a Lambo! You can buy a Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 from 2017 for around 120 BTC. Or if you're looking for something cheaper, you could buy a Ferrari 488 3.9 GTB Spider 2DR 2017 for 63 BTC.

bitcoin lambo christmas gift

Whatever you buy this Christmas with your crypt, remember that thinking is actually more important than the gift or its price. And if you believe it, I have an authentic Egyptian Pharaoh skull in immaculate condition for only 5 BTC. It's a deal. Good hunting!

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