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Alina Mungiu-Pippidi: the real test for the Romanian presidency of the EU | Romania clean

Romania must use its EU presidency to restore democracy to Chisinau

How fortunate we are that the Treaty of Lisbon created a permanent President of the Council (the position of Donald Tusk). Do you realize what would happen if we, who have the temporary presidency, had to run in these days between Berlin, London, Brussels and Paris with the Brexite, whose impact is going to hit us, not be done, nor can it be postponed ( that is the elections of the European Parliament). In the days before Lisbon, that would have been the work of the Foreign Minister. But, all the evil for the good, has who do it. Not us.

As such, here's what we have to do. I also feel that we must pursue our interests in this Presidency (the Romanians do not know how it is with conflict of interests and peace, precisely because we have the presidency we should only pursue the general interest, and believe me that it is ours included there. ..). There is a huge European issue that will become more apparent in February, namely on the 24th when the Republic of Moldova will have elections.

It's just that he does it. The former (Municipality of Chişinău) was canceled because it did not win the right one. The EU cut some money as a protest. We did not do anything. The pre-legislative legislation was in vain, that a party of 19 mandates (Vladimir Plahotniuc, further P.) arrived at 41 and controlled an even greater majority (buying parliamentarians, especially socialists but not only). This party is currently in power since 2009, in different formulas. Mayors can go to the party they need or have problems with justice. Under the wise patronage of the EU and with our consultants, Moldova has embraced a whole system of integrity similar to ours (an emerging ANI that provides official certificates of integrity for participation in candidate elections), whose dramatic pluralism Political (members The so-called pro-European alliance initially divided autonomous theoretical institutions such as the Public Prosecutor's Office, the National Bank, the money laundering office, the anti-corruption agency, etc. 1) gradually became a monopoly of P. and of the company. Mr. P. and the party (which had and has Romanian consultants, including Cozmin Guşa, Radu Magdin, former advisor to Traian Băsescu), and a parallel Romanian identity that the SIE is not a foreigner (under the name of Vlad Ulinici) is a sort of malign genius who took advantage of European ingenuity and showed that everyone who holds the anti-corruption ultimately gains all power. Gradually, he bought or eliminated more rival rivals, and in a political life dominated by basic processes like legal blackmail, compromise or corruption they have come to hold the monopoly of power in the guise of perfect democratic institutions. He could tell the EU that he has nothing to do when he cancels the choices he has lost, the "independent" tribunals make the decision.

A European Parliament resolution of last December says all of the above but does not propose great solutions2. The PSD seems to have played a negative role and has opposed it. The proposed collective sanctions, of which the maximum would be the annulment of the association agreement with the EU, are absurd, however, as long as there is Moldova and there has always been an anti-EU and pro-Russia party. What can and can also be said – that in the ten years of pro-European transition from the benevolent capitalism of Vladimir Voronin's capital to the capture of the state by organized crime under the "European" parties 3. These are the years in which they were washed over 21 billion euros, which is little known, that the causes are judged behind closed doors, and the main suspect, Ilan Shor, first tried, is free and first choice with the majority voted Internet users municipal and free 4.

It seems to me that this is the opportunity for the PSD and the SIE to show us that they are not the sponsors of P. Romania has the presidency of the commission / working group with the Republic of Moldova in the European Parliament and holds the presidency of the Council European.

Mr. Last week P filed a complaint against the opposition that a year ago led to the cancellation of the elections. It is clear that we can not hold free and fair elections with a fully captured state, from electoral institutions to the judiciary and the Constitutional Court (since we are not sensitive to the procedures and the rule of law, suspension of the pro-Russian president Dodon, a game of Constitutional gambling game, it seems like a good joke, and if it is an antirus that counts that we are once again trampling on the rule of law).

There is a need for breeding post-Soviet mafia, and it was found in the Crimea after secession. The Council of the EU has unanimously approved individual sanctions according to which the assets of those who participated in the illegal secession (including civilians who called a referendum) were frozen in the countries of the EU and their Schengen visas have been withdrawn. Dnii P., Shor and the list made by the Consortium of Laundromat Investigative Journalists should be candidates for these sanctions. Elections can be free only if they do not participate. Americans also have sanctions and make it easier (Magnistky Act), but we do not control what the Americans are doing.

I understand that in the European Parliament have been collected signatures to question Federica Mogherini, that the EEAS should leave the proposal.

I expect, in particular, from Pascu, Boştinaru, Cristea (PSD) and from all the Romanians of the European Parliament to sign this appeal, by Prime Minister Dăncilă, by Minister Ciamba and by Presidential Councilor Bogdan Aurescu mobilize the Council and talk with Mogherini, if it is not so far, but competent and disinterested, advancing the interest of European democracy and influence, not ours. I recommend to show Jean-Claude Juncker that we are able to act collectively and that we will meet again next week to see the steps to be taken. The documentation has already been prepared by the civil society of Chisinau, which resists exemplary barricades. in English There I have, if anyone needs it, even if they are in Latin America for the World Bank, they send everything I need and come, if necessary, after 27. But really, that I came, to To deal with Moldova only in difficult times, I will blow the world every ten years, it seems that we have become officially ill to help democracy and European integration, a goal we have in all our foreign policy documents.

I do not appeal to the SIE to do anything, that as much money as this lord has, I think it's not clear who's been controlling for a long time. If they want to do something, we will see and judge the results. I would not be surprised to bring anonymous writers back on large public pages like last summer with lumpediaspora, who have the air jumping especially in defense of the criminal world.

At PSD, however, I openly call, which I recently identified in Mr. P. on the mysterious "Russian oligarch" that some foreigners have suggested to Mr. Stava by dragging the ties.

Let's see if he has them or if he does not.

The Moldovan elections must be free, so the state kidnappers must be brought forward. If we have free elections and we clean institutions, we do not have to fear the Russians. In reverse. The world will vote with us, the European camp, if it does not put the same sign between us and P. and does not identify the European alliance with money laundering, which has also approved a tax amnesty with 6 %.

We can try it guide at least on this minimal European theme that does not interest anyone else? That if we can not here, we can not talk about the rest.

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