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What is your background briefly?
I started my career as a graphic designer and front-end developer and over the course of time I moved from offline to online from the final development. I then started working as a project manager and programmatic expert. In my 20 years of career I gained a great experience in digital and programmatic advertising.

Does this seem like a logical background for what you're doing now?

Absolutely. The experience accumulated over the years has allowed me to be part of a more ambitious project like FidelityHouse where programmatic and digital advertising are very important

1 minute for what are you doing now?
We are working on a project that offers many benefits to authors, customers and users. The translatability of the entire chain will be guaranteed by the union of "open code" and blockchain and by a progressive decentralization of all functions.

Why have you been involved with this ICO?

The planning and management of the project are extremely important in this project and for this reason I decided to take part in this ICO and start this important journey to internationalize the Italian product that has been a great success.

Why do you think it's such a powerful idea?

I think this is a powerful project because it allows us to clearly define all processes, thanks to the guarantee provided by blockchain technology. There are many strong points in this project, first of all the ability to trace and define the authorship of the contents and all the processes of monetization.

How can people find out more about 1. ICO 2. you and your job?

Our team will publish several press releases that will allow us to make our project known all over the world. Learn more about the landing page where you can view and download the white paper with project details.

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