Al-Jazeera, the first normalization platform in the Arab world, the first Arab channel to host Israeli officials, took advantage of the Beirut bombing to spread news about Israeli aid to Lebanon … and an Egyptian analyst embarrassed them: they discussed a peace agreement between Qatar and Israel.


The Qatari channel Al-Jazeera has placed itself in a stark contradiction due to its stance on normalization with Israel, as the channel attacks with unparalleled vigor the Emirati peace agreement with Israel and the Israeli peace agreement with Bahrain, and before that he has attacked Egypt more than once due to the Camp David agreement while not addressing relations at all. The Qatari-Israeli, as well as the island’s own involvement in normalization by hosting Israeli officials.

A few weeks ago, Al-Jazeera was subjected to a very embarrassing situation when it hosted Egyptian analyst Mac Sharqawy, and the broadcaster boycotted him more than once, and did not give him the opportunity to talk about the deal. of peace between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Of which “.

And Cherkaoui added: “Please stay out of the armed forces, because it is possible to meet you next month to discuss a peace agreement between Qatar and Israel.” And here the broadcaster had to boycott it and end the program.

Qatari activists opposed to normalization with Israel launched a violent attack on the Al-Jazeera channel due to its involvement in promoting the Israeli army against the backdrop of the recent bombing crisis in Lebanon. The channel posted a news story on its Twitter account saying: Lebanon to help rescue “.

At the time, Aisha al-Qahtani, a Qatari fugitive activist in London, commented on the news, saying, “Regardless of the content of the news, but since when is the name of the Israeli army? Salvation? There is no longer a so-called” army of occupation? One day the “martyr” will turn into a Your addresses? “And he concluded his comments with the famous hashtag:” # Baskam_ normalization ”

For his part, Muhammad Hamed, an international relations researcher, said Al-Jazeera has a history of opening the canal doors to the Israeli army spokesman and Israeli officials to talk about Arab issues, as well as introducing the Israeli official. in the Arab home through the normalization of the media.

He pointed out that, one way or another, there are no more Al Jazeera correspondents in Israel, and this has been replaced by hosting Israelis, opening the channel platforms to them and hosting them in Doha, noting that there is an image famous by Shimon Peres on the island which gives a negative connotation to the island’s relationship with Israel.

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